29 December 2014

Monday Musings

Its Monday December 29th, a perfect time to have a restful contemplation of how things are going and how I want to tackle things anew in the new year. I'm snuggled up on a sofa as I type, christmas carols still going and christmas tree lights still on - I'm making the most of the last few days of my festive season.

Along with other things I have found infinitely more challenging and stressful than I imagined, my plans for Progress have really struggled and fallen apart (just like me!)

But one must go on, its all we can do. So I'll make some lists, because that always makes me feel better!

I had to rethink my ideas about going to Crossfit three times a week, it was unreasonable perhaps to think I could keep up that schedule. So here is version 2:

Monday -  Crossfit
Tuesday - Crossfit and Yoga @ YMCA
Wednesday - alternate weeks: Yoga with Bath School of Yoga or Rest day
Thursday - Rest day or Run
Friday - Yoga and/or Run
Saturday - Whatever comes up, be it shopping, walking, climbing or duvet day!
Sunday - Teaching Yoga and Climbing

My 2015 resolutions, with a deadline of March 2015

  • Put money into an ISA
  • lose 7lbs
  • book a yoga retreat and holiday with D
  • Go for coffee with CH
  • Meet up with E - in Manchester
  • Do yoga at the location of each conference trip I attend
  • Study 1 hour of yoga theory per week - can be class structure, history or anatomy

6 November 2014


I laid out some Autumn Goals, in late September, so lets have quick check-in:

  1. Lose weight. My goal is to lose a stone over the next 4 months or so (goal 22)
  2. Engage fully with my job for my 3 month probation, and beyond (related to goal 57)
  3. Now I will no longer be using the university gym - settle into new exercise regime inc. cross fit, yoga, running and Bath YMCA classes
1 - I joined a weight loss club with Nourish, and its involved a lot of slip ups and breaking the rules! but as of todays weigh in I have lost 4 lbs, this is going to be a slow steady process and I have a lot to learn (mainly about control!) 

2 - I am on week 3 of my new job, I am finding it infinitely more challenging than I imagined but am slowly but surely compiling new knowledge on the world of web and tech. Next week I am attending my second web conference so will hopefully absorb a little more knowledge with each day. Funnily both 1&2 involve a lot of the same traits - perseverance and patience.

3 -I am settling into a new regime:
Monday -  Crossfit
Tuesday - Yoga @ YMCA
Wednesday - Yoga with Bath School of Yoga
Thursday - Crossfit or Run
Friday - Crossfit or Run
Sunday - Yoga and/or Climbing

And of course my daily 7 minutes of Yoga which has proved a really useful tool for encouraging me to practice every day

Have you planned any goals for Autumn/Winter? How are they going?

I wish you every success!


4 November 2014


I refer to MindBodyGreen.com quite often for their advice on such things as healthy eating and dealing with depression. 

Most recently "6 ways to find motivation when you are depressed"
This article is on a similar vein, but seems to be more winter themed! 

5 ways to outshine depression

As before I will summarize the main points in bitesize points here (full article linked above): 

1. Get moving, even if it's just for 5 minutes. 
It only takes 5 minutes of physical activity to activate the ‘good mood’ chemicals in your brain. Those endorphins are our natural anti-depressant,
Often when you feel depressed, you don’t have the energy or desire to exercise, so be gentle with yourself and try to push yourself a little past your comfort zone with this. You will see that exercise will actually increase your energy and improve your mood.

2. Surround yourself with people, preferably positive people. 
Developing a support system is essential in promoting mental health for everyone.

3. Eat healthy foods. 
When you regularly eat unhealthy foods, it affects your mood and can also lead to guilt and shame for making poor choices. The guilt and shame can trigger feelings of depression, and when you are depressed, your brain craves foods high in fat, sugar, and carbs. 

4. Choose positive thoughts. 
Our thoughts are our experiences. So when you think positively, you have a better chance of experiencing positive things around you, negative thoughts can bring down our spirits, so it is important to avoid them as much as possible and to focus on the positive things around us that are happening.

5. Avoid booze. 

Alcohol is sometimes used as a coping mechanism, but is a poor choice for those who are drinking just as an escape or to numb the pain. 


30 October 2014

7 Minute Goal

I have a new goal, one I am initially intending to do every day until christmas in the first instance, and then beyond in 2015 if I can!

7 Minutes seems to be an optimum amount of time, or at least a 'trendy' amount of time to do something, and certainly, one can argue: we can all spare 7 minutes of every day. You can see it suggested here for Workouts, Meditation, and making a good impression

So my goal:
58. 7 Minutes of Yoga. Every. Day

I'm terrible at practicing at home, as I am so easily distracted once I start. Or find myself reluctant to start at all. Not ideal for a Yoga Teacher!

So, thats my new goal, and new 'leaf' I'm turning over. I started this morning with 7 minutes of yoga in my empty office.


29 October 2014

Travel To Do list

Here is the shortlist for the most stylish & unique hotels of the world. A perfect ready-made to do list of places to visit!


23 September 2014

Other New Favourite words

First there was Hygge
Now I would also like to add Ikigai;

"It is what you are trying to achieve from this life that you were given"


Fresh Fall

Autumn is about fresh starts; new term, back to school, and I'll be starting my new job in a few weeks, and today is my last day at my current job :D

Tomorrow I'll be jetting off for 10 days in paradise before starting a new job in October, so it will be a fresh start for me and I am really keen to make the most of this chance to start afresh

My Autumn Goals

  • Lose weight. My goal is to lose a stone over the next 4 months or so (goal 22)
  • Engage fully with my job for my 3 month probation, and beyond (related to goal 57)
  • Now I will no longer be using the university gym - settle into new exercise regime inc. cross fit, yoga, running and Bath YMCA classes




19 September 2014

The weather outside is frightful....

The weather is turning that's for sure, check our these pics from Bath, Corsham + Chippenham last night

Its cold and damp on campus today, and my mind is turning to hot drinks, scarfs and autumn walks


New September

Lets have a moment to reflect on my September 2013

Jane Austen Promenade
Tough Mudder
Cross-fit Throwdown
I signed up for my Yoga teacher training! In fact, exactly a year ago today I made my decision to do it

This is why I love blogging, I can see exactly what I was thinking/planning one year ago today, and now I can feel proud that I achieve my goal and am now a fully fledged teacher :D

And this September? Much less fitness based, but utterly glorious...
I've handed in my notice at work, been to a fabulous wedding, Goodwood Revival, and 5 days I'll be going here:


Goodwood Revival

Here's to Septembers, Autumn, looking back at all we've achieved, and looking forward to new adventures!


17 September 2014

5 September 2014


I have a new job! one I applied for on a whim after seeing it on CreativeBath, this autumn will see me leave my job at the university I've had for 3 years. It's bittersweet, I'm so ready for a change but will miss the energy of campus and the facilities I had ready access to. I feel like I am starting a new chapter of my life and that is super exciting.

I will have my lovely break in Mauritius before heading back to the UK to start my new job

Remember this post on finding your passion? and this tip about doing what you love?

They have been so useful in helping me consider my career options, as I still really have no idea what my 'dream job' would be, and I can think of a hundred that, should I be offered I would snap up and claim it my dream job: yoga teacher in Hawaii, cupcake decorator, hairdresser, researcher, vet, sculptor, radio DJ, party planner. 

There are loads of things I would love to do, but I have to pick something! and something I'm actually capable of doing seems a good bet. Organizing events is something I have done consistently since I started full time work 7 years ago, even though its never been my official job title. Well it is now! I am soon to be a Junior Events Producer and am keen to give this avenue of career option a really good go before either accepting it as my chosen career or maybe deciding to do something else.

My ultimate goal when I think on it, is not to 'Be a researcher' or 'Be a DJ' but to be happy, to enjoy the work I do and feel excitement and value in the work I am doing

So readers, here's to brave new steps into the unknown, and chasing our passions (even if we aren't sure what the are yet)!


1 September 2014

Warrior Pose

Another year, another trip stateside to Boston. This year I checked out a lovely new studio: OmWarrior, and had a great morning Vinyasa class with Marc. The studio was small, charming and welcoming and the class was a joy.

When I first went to yoga as a child, my teacher used to wrap us up in warm blankets at the end of practice for Savasana. Its not really practical as an adult,but any practice that makes me feel wrapped in comfort in the same way as those blankets once did; gets a very enthusiastic thumbs up from me!

If you are ever in Boston, I can recommend OmWarrior highly



21 August 2014

I eat too much

Its true, I love eating but constantly feel guilty that I eat too much, and binge on junk. But hang on, whats that you say MindBodyGreen? 

"Don't beat yourself up if you've eaten too much recently. Now is the perfect opportunity to try again"

Excellent! check out their tips on mindful eating, maybe take away a little something that's useful


20 August 2014


Such a lovely day for me, and a wonderful positive step towards my first Yoga teaching goals.

I now have a regular class!
'Restore, Refresh, Renew' (working title!) Every Sunday at the Bath YMCA 11:15-12:15
I am so pleased to be practicing Abhyasa - steady effort in the direction you want to go

If you are ever in the area dear readers, its just £5 for an hour class in the YMCA's lovely spacious studio.

You are all most welcome!


11 July 2014

Juicy Gossip

Me and a few pals are taking on a Juice Cleanse this week. There are quite a few discussions online about Juice cleanses/detoxes/Juice fasts - everyone has their own reasons for doing one, mine are mainly to attempt to soothe a knackered digestive system, hopefully pick up some better eating habits, being sure my body is getting all the nutrients it needs, and of course (what a cliche...) drop a pound or two.

(There are also a lot of 'anti-juice cleanse' discussions online as well, but obviously as I'm in the midst of doing one, I wont dwell on those!)

10 Juice cleanse tips from MindBodyGreen
10 tips from ChicagoNow
Cleansing tips from the Juice box

A few tips of my own (I'm Currently of Day 4 of 5):
  • I cut out caffeine a week before the cleanse - I didn't want caffeine withdrawal to make things even harder!
  • The day before the cleanse I ate only veggies and a couple of fruits
  • So far I've taught 3 yoga classes, attended 3 as a student, and did a body conditioning class (aerobics) - take it easy for sure, but some exercise is possible, and enjoyable!
  • I had 5 juices throughout the day, but timed them carefully around things I had to do - So my general schedule was a juice at 9am, 12, 3, 6 + 9pm. But for teaching a yoga class at 5:30pm I had one juice at 4pm and another at 5pm to make sure I wasn't hungry or distracted during the class. 
  • Don't let anyone put you off by telling you how hard its going to be - because really, its the easiest thing in the world. 5 juices, drink them, with plenty of water and tea (Fresh mint is my fave) and nothing else. You don't have to count calories or decide what meals to have when, it is practically speaking, very simple indeed! 
  • Same goes for social engagements - I went to the pub twice during my cleanse week - I just had sparkling water with ice, lime and mint (looks like a G+T, nobody questions it :)). You've got to be strict but having fun with your friends is a great distraction - it is possible! 
  • Other activities that totally work with a cleanse: Cinema/netflix at a friends, walking in the sun, yoga, any free talk you can find - staying busy is key! The more you have to occupy your time the better


20 June 2014

Getting what you want

10 ways to get what you want Some wise words from Mindbodygreen.com, to think on this sunny Friday.

  1. Be YOU. There's only one YOU on this planet. Take advantage of that. You're inspiring, creative, intelligent and capable. Cultivate who you are by working on yourself, It’s a process. Allow yourself to room to breathe, grow and change. Never stop growing.
  2. Trust your instincts. Don’t worry about gain; just follow your intuition.
  3. Be nice to people.. You’ll feel more connected to yourself and your passion when you start to extend your generosity toward people who can’t offer you anything other than a smile in return.
  4. Work hard.
  5. Do what you love. When you're doing something you love — no matter what you’d be getting paid or what you think the outcome might be — not only will you enjoy yourself more, but you'll have a better chance of actually creating a sustainable life. It’s ok to have a job that pays the bills and do what you love as a hobby. Putting pressure on your passion to put a roof over your head can snuff the flame out of your inner fire. Spend your time doing what interests you and your interests may just turn into a business, but don’t worry if the business is small or big. Have fun doing what you love. 
  6. Stop complaining. If you don’t like how something is, change it. We can’t change everything, but we can do quite a bit about our circumstances when we drop the complaints.
  7. Take care of yourself.
  8. Don't listen to your critics. No need to get wrapped up in what others think of you. Focus on your intention and do the work. 
  9. Be patient. Allow space for things to turn out different than your plan.
  10. Have fun. If you’re not having fun, then what’s the point? 


18 June 2014

Stable relationship with Music!

Our good friends at the Stable are starting live music tonight and every Wednesday evening - The Stable Sessions. We do love a bit of music and cider here in the West country so I've no doubt these sessions will be a hit.

Their deets are here, do come check it out! 


16 June 2014

6 ways to get motivated...

Mindbodygreen.com do some great articles on health and wellbeing.

This one is a short simple list for helping get/stay motivated when your feeling low, which I thought had some really useful ideas in. You can check out the article here.

1. Set the bar LOW.
2. Practice self-compassion.
3. Recruit support, or ask for help.
4. Envision how you'll feel after the task.
5. Make the goal to do it, not to enjoy it.
6. Acknowledge your courage for stepping out of your comfort zone.


Finding your passion

Oh the struggles I have had trying to find my calling in life! or stressing that I don't know what my passion is.

Here is some sound and excellent advice that suggests that instead of worrying about finding our one true 'thing' we should simply pick a path, and develop skills in that area and instead of waiting for divine inspiration to hit, we should uncover interests and commit to developing them over time. 

In developing new skills we become more competent and as a result enjoy utilizing these skills

Have a read! its a great article


2 June 2014

2014 Halfway point

Its June?! we're almost at the halfway point on 2014 and into month 6 of the year?! getouttahere......

2014 has been pretty good to me so far, I've had trouble keeping up with Crossfit and running and have been beating myself up a bit for not keeping up with my training. But, I have also achieved some amazing things and 2014 has held some awesome unpredicted bonuses.

Here's a little bi-year report on what I've achieved so far 2014
  • Ran a half Marathon
  • Signed up for Race for life
  • Passed my Hatha Yoga Teacher training with a merit
  • Been on holiday to Rome
  • Been on holiday to Cornwall
  • Boston is booked for August - must start planning...
  • laid plans for holidays to Iceland + Cambodia
  • Hosted a spring tea party
  • climbed high things in the Brecon beacons

I'm really looking forward to a long and lovely summer of walking, exploring new places, and hopefully a little beach time and hoping to achieve a new job and some yoga teaching.


22 May 2014


Hello Darlings,

This might be the perfect time to break out this interesting link I found a little while ago from mindbodygreen.com on how to experience a Breakthrough in your life, that's a bit of an sensationalist way of putting it. But these are mostly pretty good tips if you're feeling a bit 'meh' and fancy a quick idea for something new to try (a couple are a bit odd/vague!)

I for example, will be doing 2. By going to Yoga today and 22. Will set myself a new goal for the list by the end of today.


From Mindbodygreen.com  "25 ways to experience a breakthrough in your life"

1. Buy a one-way ticket to your dream destination.
2. Get healthy — do yoga, walk, skip, jump or dance.
3. Go to a painting, singing or dancing class.
4. Read the book called, The Artists Way (and start doing Morning Pages).
5. Forgive someone.
6. Take an improv acting class.
7. Plant a garden (or herb box).
8. Go to a farmers market.
9. Write the first page of your novel.
10. Start your own business.
11. Quit an unfulfilling job and go to a creative art school.
12. Work part-time (or volunteer) for an inspirational company.
13. Teach or mentor someone.
14. Go for a new look: cut, color or grow your hair.
15. Start speaking your truth.
16. Declutter your bedroom.
17. Sign up for an Outward Bound course.
18. Let go of something that drains you (a situation, person or event).
19. Have some quiet time alone.
20. Book a colonic session.
21. Do a yoga workshop or yoga teacher training course.
22. Set an intention for manifestation.
23. Ask to be shown the next step.
24. Heal and nourish your body.
25. Have a tarot or psychic reading.

20 May 2014

New Yoga Goals

Its here! Welcome to the start of my yoga teacher journey....

Now that I am as it says "this day become a BSY registered Yoga Teacher" I've got a few goals in mind to make sure I don't squander this achievement:

  • Earn back my training and registration costs (and extras like business cards and mats) approx. £600 this journey was never motivated by money, but to earn money teaching yoga seems a very exciting prospect! hence a token monetary line to aim for.
  • Join the Independent Yoga Network - This yearly membership includes practical stuff like public liability insurance - Done
  • Teach an open class at the Om Yoga show: I am enjoyed two shows now and would see teaching such a large class as a big challenge!
  • Have my own website - a good web presence is always useful, especially if I want to grow my client base (which is currently very small!)


A 'Stable' relationship

One of the best parts of my job in events is advising first-time visitors to Bath how best to enjoy the city. I love to share hidden gems, as such recommendation have often made my trips to foreign climes more memorable. I love to help make everyone's visit to Bath just that little bit more special.

With this in mind I always try to keep tab on new cafes and restaurants opening in town, so I can recommend some new trendy places as well as proven favourites.

So when those kind souls at Stable invited me for dinner (wasn't that nice?!) I was delighted! Bath has its fair share of great places to go for pizza and pies so the Stable would have to be pretty special to compete.

I brought D along for a second opinion and photography skills (and he does love a good pie).

Things didn't quite start as well as I'd hoped because we were late, doh! tried to fit in a crossfit session before hand. We scoped the place out on arrival, the decor is cosy and clean - and  is clearly already a popular venue; it filled up very quickly after we arrived.

We were met Mike the GM and he was friendly and knowledgeable - a great host for our evening.
(we've been to a couple of newly opened venues recently and the service has been very varied, its a welcome change to go to a place where the staff are clearly enthused and skilled in what they do)

Cider tasting rack - we went for 'dry to medium' 

We started with the cider tasting board and some garlic bread, D isn't as keen on cider as I am, but between the 5 we both found some we really liked - perfect!

Hawaiian pizza and lamb & rosemary pie - both generous, fresh and delicious

We picked a pie (Lamb + Rosemary) and a pizza (Hawaiian) for mains. My pie was fresh and lovely and I really enjoyed it with a fresh salad and pickles. D's pizza was fresh and delicious (I'm lactose intolerant so he cut some tasty crusts off for me to sample - he's sweet like that)

A warm and gooey brownie for dessert finished off the meal, which was deliciously warm and squishy.

I didn't manage to get a 'before' shot of the brownie dessert because we scoffed it so quick!

We had a really lovely evening at the Stable and there were plenty of other tables clearly also enjoying a good time. I have a good feeling that the Stable is going to do really well in Bath, and has been added to my list of (only slightly) hidden gems!

Table with a view. Lovely spot for people watching


12 May 2014

Om Yoga Show Manchester 10th+11th May

This was the second Om yoga show I have attended - this time in Manchester.

I stayed for the full day on Saturday 10am- 6pm, there was more than enough to keep me occupied and I talked to some lovely Yoginis during the day. I managed 5 classes and a meditation session in the 'mind, body, soul area'

Some standout moments for me where playing with FeetUp because it was fun, and I was paired with a girl who was managing her first inversions - it was nice to help her. Strong yoga with Laura Bell from ZestLife  that got everyone sweating! and of course sampling lots of tea, coconut milk, raw chocolate and seed bars.

Open Classes I attended
  • Let it Flow with Tiffany Mackenzie-Shapland
  • Iyengar Yoga with Iyengar Yoga UK
  • FeetUp - Easy Inversions for Everyone with Maren Weege
  • Strong Yoga for Strong Backs with Laura Bell
  • & an Intro to Dru yoga at their stand area
These are two classes I missed because they were full! there were queues for every class and not everyone got into the classes they wanted
  • Yoga for Back and Neck Health with Ruth Boaler
  • Beautiful Mind Beautiful Body Yoga with Julia White
Goodies I bought
  • Yogi tea - Chilli Chocolate flavour
  • Toesox - Blue 'Bella' style
  • 2 pairs of leggings
  • + a wealth of booklets and handouts
Goodies :)
Waiting for an open class to begin

I had two - I love Big Juice!


8 May 2014

London Coffee festival 2014 (with a distinctly Bath flavour!)

I was holding out on posting this mini-review until I managed to get this lovely snap from the organisers of The London Coffee Festival which was  a great day out in London last month.

Held in trendy Shoreditch, this festival was a celebration of third wave coffee, a term I have only recently learnt! during our day we sampled espressos, ice cream and chocolate, drooled over many very expensive machines, utensils and crockery and watched the finals of the UK barista championships, held at the festival.

The victor was......Baths' very own Maxwell from Colonna&Smalls. We really do get the best of everything in Bath!



Summer in the City

The days are getting longer, the daffodils have come and gone. Summer is ready to pounce like a warm fluffy kitten!

Bath is of course beautiful in its own way in every season. Though, very often I'm very fickle and dub whatever season we're in to be my favourite. Winter: snow days and christmas market, Autumn: golden trees and fluffy scarfs, Spring: flowers and lambs - see, its real tough to pick the best!

But I think any Bathonian would agree, Summer in Bath is something very special - the beauty of the city increases tenfold with a balmy golden evening and some hot air balloons quietly looming over Great Pulteney street.

Photo by Ryan Ladd 2014

AND social events start springing up all over the place. Here are some I am particularly excited about attending, hopefully in a pretty floral dress...