31 October 2011

No. 26 Go to a Twenties themed party dressed as a Flapper

This is great, someone's blogged about my party for me (Thanks Eleni!) so I can be lazy!
A great night was had by all, and I think we all had a fun time dressing up. I'm thoroughly pleased with the lovely ladies that have come into my acquaintance in my year here in Bath, and consider myself one lucky party girl :)


24 October 2011


Life outside work is so much more interesting than normal today! Hence a second post!

You may know that I lived in Boston, USA for a year in 2004/5 and again for 3 months in 2009. I love Boston and like to keep up with goings on in my favourite city and these goings on are both Spooky and Inspirational! (those of you who know me well will be aware of my love of dogs in coats!)

The Halloween Canine Promenade organized by the Carles River Esplanade Association had these wonderful attendees dressed as a butterfly, mustard and ketchup, a topiary, flower and shark respectively:

Bravo for fancy dress! XXX

Degrees of Distillation...

This doesn't have anything to do with my goals but I wanted to share this lovely link between some of my favourite things: Whisky and Bath :) and its also very much a game of 'six degrees of separation':

This Whisky 'Old Pulteney' has just been named 'World's Best Whisky' mmmm I might try and hunt me down some of this! anyway the name will sound familiar to Bathonians.
Its called Old Pulteney because the whisky is matured and bottled at the Pulteney distillery in Pulteneytown,  Wick.

Pulteneytown takes its name from Sir William Pulteney, eminent lawyer, MP and Scottish native. He invested in developments in Great Britain, including a new fishing town and harbour at the estuary of the River Wick AND also the Pulteney Bridge and Great Pulteney Street in Bath.

So ladies and Gents, now, when one is asked what does Whisky and Bath have in Common, you can tell them!


21 October 2011

Friday fluff piece

Couldn't resist showing off my beautiful birthday cake! made by a lovely lady in the Department of Pharmacy, it smells deliciously chocolatey. We'll be eating it tomorrow night with Pimms for the start of my Roaring Twenties party before heading to Opium, the most spiffing speakeasy there ever was!


No.2+3 courses on sewing and ceramics

The essence of these goals was to have a chance to use my crafty side a bit more often: I love doing arty stuff but it often seems to get shunned for more practical duties! (damn you washing and cleaning...)

So anywho, I felt very happy I was on the right path by going to a lino printing workshop at the Paragon School last night. Lino cutting+printing for those that dont know involves cutting out images on lino (not dissimilar to the flooring sort!) and using it to make prints like this

This is my effort, currently just a cutting as we have yet to ink up and do the printing stage. but I very much enjoyed working on my little project -a partridge in a pear tree, in an old school art room, took me right back to college days, when all I did was art!

Hopefully I will soon have some proper prints to show you and use as christmas cards!


13 October 2011

26. Art deco Love...

I am fan of Art Deco, as you may have surmised from my no.26 goal: dress as a flapper for a twenties themed party, which I will be fulfilling for my Birthday party next week :D and of course my Art Deco era watch (no.12 done!) here's a picture due to popular demand (by one person, bless you Eleni :)) note the linear symmetry and streamlined curves, swoon!

and I will be further researching my art deco dame role by going to see In Woody Allen’s new film: Midnight in Paris, tonight at the little theatre, Bath. Set largely in the 1920's which is good cos I wouldn't watch a Woody Allen film for any lesser reason! here's a  pic of Marion Cotillard’s character,  the seductive 1920′s muse:


12 October 2011


Dear All, Its now been 3 months since I started this blog and my big plans for my goals, thought I would see how im doing so far...
My Goals
1.      Own a cat or dog - Nowhere on this, im very lucky that my landlord allows pets but as a full time office worker just not practical. Boo
2.      Take a course on Ceramics - there is a week long course in June at Bath City College, I'll be booking in the new year :)
3.      Take a course on Sewing - Not yet but the wonderful WI has monthly art courses: Lino Cutting this month!
4.      Own a Property - no progress yet but I am saving away :)
5.      Go on a yoga Retreat - no progress yet
6.      Drive around America for 3 months -  I have a really good book ...
7.      Write a Book - no progress yet :P
8.      Own a beautiful sofa - We have this fab shop in Bath, got my eye on this Beauty
9.      Own an Apple Computer -  I've applied for a bonus at work, If i get it then Boom! macbook ahoy!
10.  Get a job working with animals - as an update: I did not get either job with teh Guide Dog or RSPCA. Ho Hum, but I am still happy to be in Bath so its not all bad.
11.  Get married - No progress yet :P
12.  Buy a fabulous watch - Done! at this lovely Vintage Fair  last weekend and picked up a a beautiful art deco style pink faced Rotary watch. I love it!
13.  Go to a Roller Disco
14.  Be in a play
15.  Weigh 9.5 Stone - Not going that well....
16.  Join the WI - Done
17.  Give a lecture about Animals - The lovely WI have expressede an interest in having me as a speaker! so this could be achieved in the new year
18.  Go to New Orleans
19.  See a Play in London - Done
20.  Go on a cruise down the Nile
21.  Travel to another Country by train
22.  Hosting Christmas in my Home
23.  To have a Christmas tree decorated entirely with food : candy canes, pomanders, gingerbread men - You know, Im going do this in December, I'll be sure to take a picture!
24.  To have my 30th Birthday in Las Vegas - im just about to turn 28 so have time to save for this! (I reckon i could combine a fair few of this stateside ones together I could do 24, 25, 18, 6 even 5 perhaps all in one go, yes thats a good idea )
25.  Visit Miami
26.  Go to a Twenties themed party as a flapper - Done as of next Saturday!
27.  Get my picture in the Bath Life Society Pages - not yet!
28.  Live in another country (again)
29.  Paint a room
30.  Make cushions for my home - I have done this altough they are small and very amateur! I shall resolve to improve upon the last efforts!
31.  Host and afternoon tea party
32.  Buy furniture from Rossiters
33.  Make £100 selling old clothes on Ebay - Cureent Tally £4.20 better put some more stuff on there!
34.  Bake fabulous Courgette + Strawberry Cupcakes to raise money for a good cause - Doing in December with the W.I
35.  Visit Cardiff
36.  Stay in a 5* Hotel
37.  Go on a cruise
38.  Go to a Christmas market outside of the UK
39.  Go to a Car boot sale
40.  Go to a Village Fayre
41.  Have a Facial and a manicure - Doing in November on my yearly visit to Boston, USA
42.  Embrace vintage infatuation - going along steadily I think!

So lets see, 12 of 42 done or almost done
I'll aim to get a few more done by Xmas :)

5 October 2011

No. 4 Own a property

OOOOooh Lookit! This is actually a rental at £995 a month its hideously over priced! but oh how I love it! xx

4 October 2011

18. Go to New Orleans

Its funny since I started my little obsession with the Big Easy things have been continually drawing my attentions to the place:

For example this lovely blog from Gypsy Skirt Vintage, which has enabled me to fall even further in love (with both the place and this lovely ladies fashions!)

Also at work I am helping organise a maths conference between Bath uni and Tulane University, New Orleans. I'll be doing all the thing I like doing best: organizing dinners and parties booking hotels and shopping for presents, Hooray!

Surely signs I should go there?!