31 August 2011

No.10 Action Stations!

Wowsers! Its all happening! just like buses, I've had two offers for interviews in the last week (I wonder if a third is on its way....)
My interview with Guide Dogs for the Blind is tomorrow and then I have one with the RSPCA on Monday. The silliest thing I'm scared about is driving, Really one of my goals should be 'overcome fear of driving' Im such a sap when it comes to piloting vehicles :P

So anyway despite my fears about moving from Bath and driving I may well have achieved No.10 very soon!


25 August 2011

No. 10 Dilemma

Now No.10 is quite a big one: "Get a job working with animals" my MSc in Animal Behaviour dances around in my conciousness as a reminder I should be utilising it somehow, at present I work as a glorified secretary, not without its perks, but certainly not world-changing or a good use of my degrees.

I have been offered an interview working as a Research Assistant with Guide dogs for the Blind Association, a noble charidee and whopping pay rise......but its in Reading (2 hours in total from Bath)

I am just the WORST at making decisions especially important ones! Now Im quite happy and getting more settled by the day in Bath city, I cant decide if I really want to up sticks to move to Reading.

Should I wait for an opportunity closer to Bath where I am happily settled? Or seize this opportunity to improve my career and go for the interview?



23 August 2011


Now, 'win money at the races' was not actually a goal of mine but, this weekend I attended Bath Racecourse for their 200th Anniversary race night. As it was an anniversary I thought vintage attire would be appropriate so I went with a fab dress I bought on ebay, as its quite bold I hadn't had the courage to wear it out and about, but for a grand event like the races: perfect! Here I am:

Anyways after some Pimms and swanning about we all placed some bets and on a whim I put £2 on 'Red Currant' because I love redcurrants, even though she had terrible odds because the poor old mare had never won anything! Not put off by this damning review, sweet little Redcurrant went on to win the race by a mile! and I was the proud winner of £20! Happy Days!

22 August 2011


Here is an interesting and quite timely article I found in a magazine this weekend. Its about 'Scanners' a term someone has just invented for people who constantly scan the horizon for new and exciting things. Apparently scanners have a hard time settling on a job type as there are so many to choose from they don't want to pick the wrong one, and scanners are also interested in a hole bunch of seemingly unrelated things and often get bored of one thing and quickly move onto another.

"To Scanners the world is like a big candy store full of fascinating opportunities, and all they want is to reach out and stuff their pockets."

I'm not sure I buy into scanner as a personality type, but I must say this does sound an awful lot like me....Its certainly harder in today's world to make decision as we have more options than ever before on what job we do, what we learn in education, what we do in our free time. Of course its hard to keep up!

Some of the advice however seems pretty universally useful: write down the things that excite you and complete the projects you start. I feel I've started doing that so thats positive, scanner or not!


19 August 2011

No.42 Again!

I have entered this 'Pin-up Competition' it looks swell!

I'm sure the competition will be fierce so best not get my hopes up, but nothing ventured!

Oh, to be her!


17 August 2011

Number 42. Embrace Vintage Infatuation

Like a Beatles fan holding her Vinyl record from the sidelines of the scrum of screaming girls, or the girl sitting on the bleachers with no date at Prom I have often found myself looking forlornly at lovely ladies effortlessly pulling off vintage looks and wishing I too could be like these beautiful creatures!

I certainly own some lovely vintage pieces, like this Wartime Ball Gown:
and of course what one might call extreme vintage with my Jane Austen events! But if I am to truly embrace vintage living I think there are some things I need to do: for a start I have been looking in the fabulous DaddyOs website for more vintage outfits I can wear to work and to more casual events, as most of my vintage dresses are party numbers that only get out once in a blue moon. During the week I look decidly non-vintage at work: no make-up, hair not done, any bombshell worth her salt would be disgusted! this is partly because I go to the gym most days (See Goal no.15) , Im going to have to get more inventive!

I also think attending more vintage events would be a great way to meet new friends, so I have signed up to the vintage forum Vintage Schmintage in the hope of meeting some lovely people and finding inspiration! and in true vintage style I am joining the WI (Goal no.16) in September to further continue my love of baking and sewing, I couldnt be more excited! also I feel I simply must, at long last, learn how to do Victory Rolls properly! and have my eye on this Vintage Hairstyles book.

So, postive steps towards goal number 42!

Wishing You Well x

16 August 2011


Here they are: In no particular order, some big, some little, some a bit weird and some that may be some years off yet! But this is the list that will inspire my future bloggings:

My Goals
1.      Own a cat or dog
2.      Take a course on Ceramics
3.      Take a course on Sewing
4.      Own a Property
5.      Go on a yoga Retreat
6.      Drive around America for 3 months
7.      Write a Book
8.      Own a beautiful sofa
9.      Own an Apple Computer
10.  Get a job working with animals
11.  Get married
12.  Buy a fabulous watch
13.  Go to a Roller Disco
14.  Be in a play
15.  Weigh 9.5 Stone
16.  Join the WI
17.  Give a lecture about Animals
18.  Go to New Orleans
19.  See a Play in London
20.  Go on a cruise down the Nile
21.  Travel to another Country by train
22.  Hosting Christmas in my Home
23.  To have a Christmas tree decorated entirely with food : candy canes, pomanders, gingerbread men
24.  To have my 30th Birthday in Las Vegas
25.  Visit Miami
26.  Go to a Twenties themed party as a flapper
27.  Get my picture in the Bath Life Society Pages
28.  Live in another country (again)
29.  Paint a room
30.  Make cushions for my home
31.  Host and afternoon tea party
32.  Buy furniture from Rossiters
33.  Make £100 selling old clothes on Ebay
34.  Bake fabulous Courgette + Strawberry Cupcakes to raise money for a good cause
35.  Visit Cardiff
36.  Stay in a 5* Hotel
37.  Go on a cruise
38.  Go to a Christmas market outside of the UK
39.  Go to a Car boot sale
40.  Go to a Village Fayre
41.  Have a Facial and a manicure
42.  Embrace vintage infatuation

Goals + Inspiration

It occured to me today while I was, for the umpteenth time looking at local ceramics evening courses that its one of my many 'To Dos' I have yet to achieve. Then a second thought occured to me, as a complete newbie to blogging, My blog really lacks direction I dont follow a strong theme of interest like many of the crafty blogs I admire.

SO a plan has hatched in my mind! I will lay out all the many goals I have had in my mind for some time and the purpose of this blog will be to (hopefully) document me achieving said goals!

So will compile this list and post it before attacking each one! :) I am excited! xx

1 August 2011

Post Holiday Blues

After a lovely relaxing week in Portsmouth, its back to work for me today and I must admit I am feeling most grumpy about it!

But all is not lost, I am attending a Roller Disco tonight that will no doubt lift my spirits!

Over and Out x