20 May 2014

New Yoga Goals

Its here! Welcome to the start of my yoga teacher journey....

Now that I am as it says "this day become a BSY registered Yoga Teacher" I've got a few goals in mind to make sure I don't squander this achievement:

  • Earn back my training and registration costs (and extras like business cards and mats) approx. £600 this journey was never motivated by money, but to earn money teaching yoga seems a very exciting prospect! hence a token monetary line to aim for.
  • Join the Independent Yoga Network - This yearly membership includes practical stuff like public liability insurance - Done
  • Teach an open class at the Om Yoga show: I am enjoyed two shows now and would see teaching such a large class as a big challenge!
  • Have my own website - a good web presence is always useful, especially if I want to grow my client base (which is currently very small!)


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