29 December 2014

Monday Musings

Its Monday December 29th, a perfect time to have a restful contemplation of how things are going and how I want to tackle things anew in the new year. I'm snuggled up on a sofa as I type, christmas carols still going and christmas tree lights still on - I'm making the most of the last few days of my festive season.

Along with other things I have found infinitely more challenging and stressful than I imagined, my plans for Progress have really struggled and fallen apart (just like me!)

But one must go on, its all we can do. So I'll make some lists, because that always makes me feel better!

I had to rethink my ideas about going to Crossfit three times a week, it was unreasonable perhaps to think I could keep up that schedule. So here is version 2:

Monday -  Crossfit
Tuesday - Crossfit and Yoga @ YMCA
Wednesday - alternate weeks: Yoga with Bath School of Yoga or Rest day
Thursday - Rest day or Run
Friday - Yoga and/or Run
Saturday - Whatever comes up, be it shopping, walking, climbing or duvet day!
Sunday - Teaching Yoga and Climbing

My 2015 resolutions, with a deadline of March 2015

  • Put money into an ISA
  • lose 7lbs
  • book a yoga retreat and holiday with D
  • Go for coffee with CH
  • Meet up with E - in Manchester
  • Do yoga at the location of each conference trip I attend
  • Study 1 hour of yoga theory per week - can be class structure, history or anatomy