30 March 2012

New goal

I think I have time to add a new goal before I trundle off to Paris!

Some months ago after visiting the Wildlife photographer of the Year exhibition with a friend, I said I should make it a goal to enter a photography competition. I have an A level in photography, and I have been intending to enter a competition for some time, So lets get cracking!

Well this one is right up my street, I love this travel magazine, and I'm lucky enough to be going to a fair few places this year, so why not :)

Why don't you enter too, dear reader? The deadline is September on the theme of 'celebration'
Lets all give it a whirl! between us maybe we'll get a photo in print, that would be a fine achievement indeed.



Paris in Springtime

Darlings, Im leaving....Just for a week tho! I am off for my mini adventure to Paris with my good friends Emsa and Nat. Bon Voyage!

This is what we are going to look like, sashaying through the city...


22 March 2012

Do a ceramics course

I removed this goal from the list before I decided it would be nice to keep all the goals on the list and just shade them out when I'd done them. So I can't remember what number it was! Any way I have have now come to the end of my 10 week ceramics course at Bath College, and how delightful it was! It was great to revisit the love of ceramics I had at college and learn some new things in techniques and glazing.

The course itself was excellent, our group of 10 split into two distinct group in the first few weeks, some people who had been before and were carrying on with independent work and newbies and refreshers who started off with some guided sessions with our teacher on types of clay, building and glazing techniques. Then by about week 4 we were ready to specialise on our own projects. So behold, piccys of some of my pots, all, I feel with an edge of art deco about them!

 Here's my 'key bowl' that is in fact, too small for my vast amount of keys!

And my funny little bird I made on the first week...

I particularly like this photo as it has glimpses of all the things I love about my little flat: my lovely vintage green and gold china plates, my teasmade (50 years old, courtesy of my lovely nan) and my lovely picture frames :)


14 March 2012

Fabulous 15!

15 Followers! I am delighted :) Welcome, I hope you enjoy the whimsical plans and vintage pictures!
I hope you are inspired to make a list of your own!

I was watching, whisper it  *Coach trip* a few weeks ago and one of the tourists asked another 'what are your aspirations?' and she said quite frankly 'I don't have any' this blew my mind, it really did. I don't know if its good or bad thing to just live each day as it comes, but I cannot imagine a world without aspirations, even modest ones like I'd like to visit Edinburgh or I'd like to try making chutney, everyone has hopes and dreams surely?!

How about you, my new fabulous 15: what are your aspirations? one for me is to have 50 blog followers like lovely Eleni,  just 35 to go!

13 March 2012

22. Get my picture in the Bath Life Society Pages

I'm feeling positive I might manage this one at the end of the month, Bath in Fashion is on its way and along with it a blur of fabulous events.
Me and the ladies will be attending a fashion show in the Assembly rooms, I feel sure, that given a suitably odd 'fashion forward' outfit (to me this essentially equates to dressing up, which I do very well!) we could get our snap taken for Bath Life!

To give you an idea of what on earth I'm talking about here, here are some piccies of the magazine in question, which I love reading, and the 'Invitation Only' pages (doesn't that title just ooze exclusivity?! I want in on this little club!)

Fingers crossed!

7 March 2012


I couldn't help posting this amazing deal £555 for 7 nights for two people in India


Now, I absolutely don't have this kind of money to hand, but man, for 4:45 on a wednesday afternoon it is the perfect material to inspire all manner of travelling to India fantasies!

This has to go on the list now!


5 March 2012

39. Never stop having adventures

I now have 3 wonderful adventures to look forward to in 2012: Paris in April, Boston in June and Cornwall in August. I couldn't be more pleased! These will be familiar adventures as I have been to all 3 places before but as with all my favourite places I know there will be more to discover each time.

Also I will endeavor to explore new pastures as well, I have already been to Essex this year, a first for me! and a trip to Liverpool is also on the cards.