31 October 2012

I do love a good Soiree...

Darlings just a quick plug for a new joint venture blog between myself and another Lovely Sarah that I was lucky enough to meet through Eleni

Its a Social diary of our exploits in Bath and Sarah wrote up our first post yesterday

Do have a look All!


30 October 2012

Weighty Issues

I don't think I could write a solely weight loss based blog - for One I don't do enough of it! and Two I think I would find it boring to write, and boring to read for that matter how often I swing back and forth: and never seem to get to my goal!

I just gave up for a while basically, but after a week reintroduction I'm back on the 10st 9lb (Jesus, July?! where did that time go?) of this post. So lets go from here, lets get this 9lbs out of the weigh (hah, delightful pun!) and then its just a few meagre pounds to get well and truly under that 10st mark.

My body seems to respond pretty well to diet and exercise, so just as I put on weight very quickly (and can't get away with sneaky bags of kettle chips) I seem to be able to lose it reasonably swiftly as well. Which is A) A tad annoying that I could have probably had a rockin' body for the past two years but don't cos I'm lazy but B) Comforting that I will soon be able to pull myself out of this 'my clothes don't fit' situation (IF I find the motiviation)

The one thing I have learnt is that I cant just switch off for a few weeks and come back to it, it has to be a continual thing. Much like life I suppose: I have to make conscious decision everyday or everything goes very quickly bad! I can't just eat crap and hope my body wont notice/alter: evidently everything I put into my body makes a difference.

Obvious really! but I'm sure I could get away with it once, not now!


As a PS and as I think a pretty good tip: Im going to employ this little motivational system: buttons of how many pounds I have to lose/have lost


26 October 2012


I always feel January 1st is a crummy time to make resolutions: its dark and cold - the warm glow of Christmas is fading fast - I am not in the mood to be a better person but simply to quietly hoover up the last of the festive snacks and keep warm.

However now I have just had my 29th Birthday I think this year is going to have to be one of positive actions/resolutions: I'd like to go into my thirties with a feeling that I have achieved a lot in my first 30 years and positive about the next 30.

So my 'Before I hit 30' list (in addition/conjuntion to my goal list):
1) Find a job more suited to my skills see (Goal .18)
2) Weigh at most: 10 stone (Goal .22) God, I've been going on about this one for ages! and getting there at a snails pace, 10st isn't even my final goal. But if I am 10 stone at 30 - I'm happy with that.
3) Save £20,000 - This will be a tad controversial/and perhaps a bit of a pipe dream - and will invlove me continuing to not own a car. But I think if I have this amount in the bank and locked away in an ISA when I hit 30 I'll be set for ONE DAY achieving that property owning goal or at the very least - ready for that 3 month drive around the states (Goal 14). The main problem here is that I'm not even half way there yet. I will have to do some serious saving - but I think it will be worth it :)
4) Go on a date: god, is this one a bit sad?! it has been several years now since I have been on a date, and frankly I can't say I have any desire to go on one - but so that I at least make an effort to avoid being a spinster forever (which, by the way I find quite appealing on the right days) and in the interest of keeping 'in the game' I will aim to at least go on a few dates.
5) Book a yoga retreat: its my idea that I could go to Vegas for a few days with my buddies for my birthday and then go to a retreat for a few days (as I don't think any of my friends are retreat types) - look at some of my current favourites:


Plus a new one for the big list!
52. Stay At Burgh Island Hotel http://www.burghisland.com/about_us_1.html how did this not make the first list?! this is an art deco dream that I was reminded of when I told a friend about it. It is mega bucks but oh so amazing - maybe for my 40th birthday?! :P


3 October 2012


Not a goal, but the age I am going to be this month! 29, Single, don't own property or a car or even a pet! still not in my dream job....but actually, I'm not sure I care too much, not today anyway. I'll get there in my own sweet time!

Here are some other 29 year olds who are doing pretty well....