6 November 2014


I laid out some Autumn Goals, in late September, so lets have quick check-in:

  1. Lose weight. My goal is to lose a stone over the next 4 months or so (goal 22)
  2. Engage fully with my job for my 3 month probation, and beyond (related to goal 57)
  3. Now I will no longer be using the university gym - settle into new exercise regime inc. cross fit, yoga, running and Bath YMCA classes
1 - I joined a weight loss club with Nourish, and its involved a lot of slip ups and breaking the rules! but as of todays weigh in I have lost 4 lbs, this is going to be a slow steady process and I have a lot to learn (mainly about control!) 

2 - I am on week 3 of my new job, I am finding it infinitely more challenging than I imagined but am slowly but surely compiling new knowledge on the world of web and tech. Next week I am attending my second web conference so will hopefully absorb a little more knowledge with each day. Funnily both 1&2 involve a lot of the same traits - perseverance and patience.

3 -I am settling into a new regime:
Monday -  Crossfit
Tuesday - Yoga @ YMCA
Wednesday - Yoga with Bath School of Yoga
Thursday - Crossfit or Run
Friday - Crossfit or Run
Sunday - Yoga and/or Climbing

And of course my daily 7 minutes of Yoga which has proved a really useful tool for encouraging me to practice every day

Have you planned any goals for Autumn/Winter? How are they going?

I wish you every success!


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