30 October 2014

7 Minute Goal

I have a new goal, one I am initially intending to do every day until christmas in the first instance, and then beyond in 2015 if I can!

7 Minutes seems to be an optimum amount of time, or at least a 'trendy' amount of time to do something, and certainly, one can argue: we can all spare 7 minutes of every day. You can see it suggested here for Workouts, Meditation, and making a good impression

So my goal:
58. 7 Minutes of Yoga. Every. Day

I'm terrible at practicing at home, as I am so easily distracted once I start. Or find myself reluctant to start at all. Not ideal for a Yoga Teacher!

So, thats my new goal, and new 'leaf' I'm turning over. I started this morning with 7 minutes of yoga in my empty office.


29 October 2014

Travel To Do list

Here is the shortlist for the most stylish & unique hotels of the world. A perfect ready-made to do list of places to visit!