After my first foray in Juicing with Big Juice I bought myself a juicer and am exploring this whole juice thing.
You'll be able to follow my exploits on this page, as I attempt to find a sustainable way to incorporate juicing into my daily life and not break the bank!

So lets start with a perfect page Juicing on a budget 5 recipes for frugal juicers, and the ever useful MindBodyGreen.

Juicing until dinner
Breakfast Juice
2 apples/handful of spinach/handful of kale/1 lemon
Lunch Juice
Half a Pineapple/2 handfuls kale/2 apples/half a cucumber/5 celery stalks/spirulina
Dinner (dining out but picked a place that does good salads)
Superfood Salad - beetroot, carrot, radish, baby courgettes, mixed fresh shoots, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts and avocado, rapeseed & mustard vinaigrette

Todays' cost approx £20 (£15 on eating out, £5 on juices)

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