29 April 2013

Adventure (Goal 50)

I need an adventure! I don't know if its that my big 3-0 is looming or that its been ages since I have gone on a full blown adventure: I suppose Seattle was my last completely impromptu travel whim -(with some little European ones scattered in between) I wanted something a bit more meaty to settle my itchy feet.

Well, thank god I have the wonderful friends I do: Mary-Anne and I are currently planning a full blown adventure for our 2014 New Year. She fancies South America, I fancy Vietnam, we are both excited! I've no doubt either will be a fine mix of culture, beauty and fine foods.

And, I also have something in the pipeline that may include Sri Lanka. Phew, that helps, I get very panicky sometimes that I'm missing chances, while I'm young, to see and enjoy the world.

There's an old song that I often think of when I'm dreaming of adventure:

"The years go by, as quickly as a wink
Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think"


22 April 2013


Sometimes it scares me a bit how fast life is moving. Its been year since I said What if a year from now...

Well lets see:
  • I 'broke' out of an awful poorly chosen relationship
  • I'm still working at the University, but have been promoted to Events and Marketing coordinator, running events like this and am a trustee of the Bath Cats and Dogs Home.
  • Crossfit has made me trimmer, more toned and generally more kick-ass
  • I am in training for the Tough Mudder half marathon: and have achieved 4 miles of non-stop running (no-where near TM ready but a huge leap forward in my personal abilities)
  • I have been on many an adventure with my wonderful friends from Bath and Portsmouth, and have several more planned.
I still continue to strive for bigger and better things: more amazing jobs, to be fitter and stronger, and have more adventures. But I certainly cannot complain, progress has been made, I admit not quite as much as I could have hoped, but I continue to potter in the right direction!


19 April 2013

Half Measures...

Oh yeah, I signed up to run a half marathon even tho my current greatest achievement is running 2 miles....damn! and not just any half marathon mind you Tough Mudder is 12 miles of obstacle course challenges, mud, sweat and (most likely) tears.

The run is September 21st this year - I say run rather than race as the event is very specifically about being in a team and working as one to complete the course, no one is timed, if you get over the finish line; you've won and that sounds like a great attitude to me!

So here we are, 5 and a bit months to go and I feel I better start training! I'm using crossfit as the obstacle practise as much of what I do there will help with the obstacles: swinging from bars, clambering on the floor etc but the running is what really scares me. I've not put together a spreadsheet of training as the more efficient among us may do. But I have a general schedule in mind, which is to basically work towards an extra mile or so each month. (from the advice I have had its best to not run the full 12/13 miles in practise but close to it, so I'm going for 10):

By the end of month to be able to run 3 miles without stopping (this is the route down the canal from Sydney gardens to the George pub and back again)
*UPDATE* I manage 2 x 4 mile runs in April which makes me feel a whole lot more confident for May
Run 5 miles (its 4.5 from Sydney Gardens to Dundas aqueduct but then I'd have to walk back...ugh!)
*UPDATE* In Mays first weekend I have successfully run to the Aqueduct, I then walked back to the George and ran the last mile = 5.5miles! - this did take a total of 3 hrs but I'm really pleased that I managed to get all the way to Dundas in one go.

Also this has really flagged up that I need a way of measuring the distance I'm running: I think a new Ipod Nano is a good idea as it have the Nike+ running app as well all my all important tunes. It seems a decent running 'watch' costs £80+ so I think a new ipod would make more sense for similar money, and amazingly my current Ipod is 7 years old! it will be nice to treat myself to a wizzy new one.

June + July
8 miles (Run to Dundas and back past the George Pub - walking the final bit back to my house)
9 mile round trip to Dundas (eeeps)
First Week: 11 miles
2nd Week: 11 miles again
3rd Week Tough Mudder!!



You'll all know by now that I adore all things Flapper, Deco, Jazz and Gatsby. The Farrow/Redford Gatsby film is in my top 5 favourite films of all time. But I am still very excited about the remake: Baz Luhrmann does such visually lovely films: I can't wait to see it and the beautiful beautiful fashions!

As well demonstrated in the May issue of Vogue; Ms Mulligan looks the epitome of 1920s glamour, not to mention the beautiful collaboration of Tiffany & Co. deco era inspired jewels. Simply the cats pajamas!


All the fun...

Twerton Football club is hosting the fun fair that is usually based in Victoria park this weekend - I'm going to go and eat candy floss! Have a lovely weekend all

Link Here


17 April 2013

Living Alone

An interesting article from Hello Giggles

I live alone, and though I get plenty of 'me' time and enjoy being able to come and go as I please, there are lots of things I miss from living in houses with lots of people - there were 7 of us in Boston and it was fab! there was always someone whose bed you could go and sit on and chat about your day, or someone around when you fancied grabbing a drink.

Living with housemates is also a great recipe for random adventures, impromptu parties and group dinners.


Yum Yum Paleo

I stumbled on this recipe today on Closet Cooking Blog

Baked avocado, bacon and eggs, so simple, so paleo! just half the avocado and crack and egg in each stone hollow and bake for 20 mins whilst grilling some bacon separately to go on top. I adore avocados and a recipe with just 3 ingredients is always welcome after a long day/Crossfit

I've never cooked an avocado before so I don't really know how they are going to taste like, but once I have tested out this receipe I shall post a review! (I'm definately using more bacon in my recipe....look at those sad little specks, I want whole rashers on mine!)


16 April 2013


I just wanted to make a small post in tribute to Boston in the wake of the two bombs that went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday.

The news affected me more so than news reports of bomb blasts usually do. Maybe because it feels so close to home: as I've mentioned before I have lived in Boston twice in my life and visit almost every year. One of the bombs went off in front of a sweet shop called Sugar Heaven – I was in this shop last summer buying M+M's for Eleni , and they gave me some free blue candy floss, and opposite is the public library, I've sat in their lovely courtyard countless times drinking pink lemonade in the summer.

Boston is hands down the most wonderful city I have ever been to, it bubbles with joy and sunshine.

Marathons as events always seem to make me a bit emotional: they represent all the best things about being human: dedication, joy, supporting each other, and it ended up being about all the worst things humans are capable of.

It made me sad. So Boston, my favourite place in all the world, I'm thinking of you, and all Bostonians.


5 April 2013


Something that happens when I am feeling down is that I am almost crippled by indecision, I just cannot focus on or decide anything, and feel very panicked about this: when in fact it will make no huge difference to my life if I don't make a decision about Las Vegas this weekend, book a yoga retreat or finish my essay.

This is a trait I get from my mother; the feeling that I should always be doing something, reacting to things, So this afternoon I will try and breath, and relax...

And rememeber that in 4 weeks I will be here:

Lake Windemere with my Bath Pals


And in 6 weeks here:
Lyndhurst New forest with my Portsmouth Pals

May will be bringing some delightful adventures with all my favourite people :)