22 May 2014


Hello Darlings,

This might be the perfect time to break out this interesting link I found a little while ago from mindbodygreen.com on how to experience a Breakthrough in your life, that's a bit of an sensationalist way of putting it. But these are mostly pretty good tips if you're feeling a bit 'meh' and fancy a quick idea for something new to try (a couple are a bit odd/vague!)

I for example, will be doing 2. By going to Yoga today and 22. Will set myself a new goal for the list by the end of today.


From Mindbodygreen.com  "25 ways to experience a breakthrough in your life"

1. Buy a one-way ticket to your dream destination.
2. Get healthy — do yoga, walk, skip, jump or dance.
3. Go to a painting, singing or dancing class.
4. Read the book called, The Artists Way (and start doing Morning Pages).
5. Forgive someone.
6. Take an improv acting class.
7. Plant a garden (or herb box).
8. Go to a farmers market.
9. Write the first page of your novel.
10. Start your own business.
11. Quit an unfulfilling job and go to a creative art school.
12. Work part-time (or volunteer) for an inspirational company.
13. Teach or mentor someone.
14. Go for a new look: cut, color or grow your hair.
15. Start speaking your truth.
16. Declutter your bedroom.
17. Sign up for an Outward Bound course.
18. Let go of something that drains you (a situation, person or event).
19. Have some quiet time alone.
20. Book a colonic session.
21. Do a yoga workshop or yoga teacher training course.
22. Set an intention for manifestation.
23. Ask to be shown the next step.
24. Heal and nourish your body.
25. Have a tarot or psychic reading.

20 May 2014

New Yoga Goals

Its here! Welcome to the start of my yoga teacher journey....

Now that I am as it says "this day become a BSY registered Yoga Teacher" I've got a few goals in mind to make sure I don't squander this achievement:

  • Earn back my training and registration costs (and extras like business cards and mats) approx. £600 this journey was never motivated by money, but to earn money teaching yoga seems a very exciting prospect! hence a token monetary line to aim for.
  • Join the Independent Yoga Network - This yearly membership includes practical stuff like public liability insurance - Done
  • Teach an open class at the Om Yoga show: I am enjoyed two shows now and would see teaching such a large class as a big challenge!
  • Have my own website - a good web presence is always useful, especially if I want to grow my client base (which is currently very small!)


A 'Stable' relationship

One of the best parts of my job in events is advising first-time visitors to Bath how best to enjoy the city. I love to share hidden gems, as such recommendation have often made my trips to foreign climes more memorable. I love to help make everyone's visit to Bath just that little bit more special.

With this in mind I always try to keep tab on new cafes and restaurants opening in town, so I can recommend some new trendy places as well as proven favourites.

So when those kind souls at Stable invited me for dinner (wasn't that nice?!) I was delighted! Bath has its fair share of great places to go for pizza and pies so the Stable would have to be pretty special to compete.

I brought D along for a second opinion and photography skills (and he does love a good pie).

Things didn't quite start as well as I'd hoped because we were late, doh! tried to fit in a crossfit session before hand. We scoped the place out on arrival, the decor is cosy and clean - and  is clearly already a popular venue; it filled up very quickly after we arrived.

We were met Mike the GM and he was friendly and knowledgeable - a great host for our evening.
(we've been to a couple of newly opened venues recently and the service has been very varied, its a welcome change to go to a place where the staff are clearly enthused and skilled in what they do)

Cider tasting rack - we went for 'dry to medium' 

We started with the cider tasting board and some garlic bread, D isn't as keen on cider as I am, but between the 5 we both found some we really liked - perfect!

Hawaiian pizza and lamb & rosemary pie - both generous, fresh and delicious

We picked a pie (Lamb + Rosemary) and a pizza (Hawaiian) for mains. My pie was fresh and lovely and I really enjoyed it with a fresh salad and pickles. D's pizza was fresh and delicious (I'm lactose intolerant so he cut some tasty crusts off for me to sample - he's sweet like that)

A warm and gooey brownie for dessert finished off the meal, which was deliciously warm and squishy.

I didn't manage to get a 'before' shot of the brownie dessert because we scoffed it so quick!

We had a really lovely evening at the Stable and there were plenty of other tables clearly also enjoying a good time. I have a good feeling that the Stable is going to do really well in Bath, and has been added to my list of (only slightly) hidden gems!

Table with a view. Lovely spot for people watching


12 May 2014

Om Yoga Show Manchester 10th+11th May

This was the second Om yoga show I have attended - this time in Manchester.

I stayed for the full day on Saturday 10am- 6pm, there was more than enough to keep me occupied and I talked to some lovely Yoginis during the day. I managed 5 classes and a meditation session in the 'mind, body, soul area'

Some standout moments for me where playing with FeetUp because it was fun, and I was paired with a girl who was managing her first inversions - it was nice to help her. Strong yoga with Laura Bell from ZestLife  that got everyone sweating! and of course sampling lots of tea, coconut milk, raw chocolate and seed bars.

Open Classes I attended
  • Let it Flow with Tiffany Mackenzie-Shapland
  • Iyengar Yoga with Iyengar Yoga UK
  • FeetUp - Easy Inversions for Everyone with Maren Weege
  • Strong Yoga for Strong Backs with Laura Bell
  • & an Intro to Dru yoga at their stand area
These are two classes I missed because they were full! there were queues for every class and not everyone got into the classes they wanted
  • Yoga for Back and Neck Health with Ruth Boaler
  • Beautiful Mind Beautiful Body Yoga with Julia White
Goodies I bought
  • Yogi tea - Chilli Chocolate flavour
  • Toesox - Blue 'Bella' style
  • 2 pairs of leggings
  • + a wealth of booklets and handouts
Goodies :)
Waiting for an open class to begin

I had two - I love Big Juice!


8 May 2014

London Coffee festival 2014 (with a distinctly Bath flavour!)

I was holding out on posting this mini-review until I managed to get this lovely snap from the organisers of The London Coffee Festival which was  a great day out in London last month.

Held in trendy Shoreditch, this festival was a celebration of third wave coffee, a term I have only recently learnt! during our day we sampled espressos, ice cream and chocolate, drooled over many very expensive machines, utensils and crockery and watched the finals of the UK barista championships, held at the festival.

The victor was......Baths' very own Maxwell from Colonna&Smalls. We really do get the best of everything in Bath!



Summer in the City

The days are getting longer, the daffodils have come and gone. Summer is ready to pounce like a warm fluffy kitten!

Bath is of course beautiful in its own way in every season. Though, very often I'm very fickle and dub whatever season we're in to be my favourite. Winter: snow days and christmas market, Autumn: golden trees and fluffy scarfs, Spring: flowers and lambs - see, its real tough to pick the best!

But I think any Bathonian would agree, Summer in Bath is something very special - the beauty of the city increases tenfold with a balmy golden evening and some hot air balloons quietly looming over Great Pulteney street.

Photo by Ryan Ladd 2014

AND social events start springing up all over the place. Here are some I am particularly excited about attending, hopefully in a pretty floral dress...


7 May 2014

Summer Holiday booked :D

Cornwall; 2 days in Padstow, 4 in Mousehole, its going to be joyous!
Lets have some lovely posters to celebrate!


6 May 2014

'Done is Beautiful'

Here's a interesting  thought on goals: a quote I've seen in a couple of places now (its obviously some sort of 'thing' I wasn't aware of!)

'Done is beautiful'

It is nice to complete a task or goal -it is satisfying to be able to tick something off the list or enjoy the rewards of a job well done.

But also, there are lots of 'dones' that aren't so lovely, as it pretty much signifies the end of something. I certainly would hate to be 'done' with any of my favourite people and family, and so many goals that have no end point (travelling, learning, growing)

So its a cute soundbite for achieving goals but I'm not sure its a fantastic one to apply to all things (maybe you disagree? is every 'done' a chance to start again?)

Ponder it, feed back!


2 May 2014

Guest Blog

I thought it would be fun to write a guest post for my friends at Independent Spirit, this fabulous shop of all things booze related asked me to right about my favourite cocktail: I picked the Whisky Sour.

I found it a bit stressful! and couldn't manage to make it as fun and interesting as this cocktail deserves! but it was still a fun new experience and if you would like to see my thoughts on my favourite cocktail you can find it here, and look around the website too, those independent spirit boys know all about lovely booze and exciting cocktails!