The List

Well here it is, the epicentre of this blog and my motivations every day. The numbers have jumped around a bit as I have perfected the list layout, but this is now the master copy! (I have shaded out the ones I have done)
  1. Buy a fabulous watch (Art Deco Gem)
  2. Join the WI (Bath WI)
  3. See a Play in London (Warhorse)
  4. Go to a twenties themed party as a flapper - (for my 28th Birthday Party)
  5. Make cushions for my home - (I have done this although they are small and very amateur! I shall resolve to improve upon the last efforts)
  6. Have a Facial and a manicure (In Boston Nov 2011)
  7. Embrace vintage infatuation
  8. Host an afternoon tea party (holiday tea party – roaring success)
  9. Stay in a 5* Hotel  (The Royal Crescent Hotel)
  10. Own a cat or dog
  11. Take a course on Sewing
  12. Own a Property 
  13. Go on a Yoga Retreat 
  14.  Drive around America for 3 months 
  15.  Buy a new Laptop
  16. Write a Book
  17. Own a beautiful sofa
  18. Weigh 9.7 Stone
  19. Go to New Orleans
  20. Go on a cruise down the Nile
  21. Travel to another Country by train 
  22.  To have a Christmas tree decorated entirely with food: candy canes, pomanders, gingerbread men.
  23. Host Christmas in my Home
  24. To have my 30th Birthday in Las Vegas
  25. Visit Miami
  26. Get my picture in the Bath Life Society Pages
  27. Live in another country (again)
  28. Paint a room
  29. Buy furniture from Rossiters
  30. Make £100 selling old clothes on Ebay
  31. Visit Cardiff
  32. Go on a cruise
  33. Go to a Christmas market outside of the UK
  34. Go to a Car boot sale
  35. Go to a Village Fair
  36. Bake fabulous Courgette + Strawberry Cupcakes to raise money for a good cause
  37. Visit Edinburgh
  38. Visit Japan
  39. Travel through India on the Maharajas' Express
  40. Visit Chicago and find a speakeasy
  41. Own a kiln – Sort of a follow up to the goal of doing a ceramics course!
  42. Make chutney
  43. Spend more time visiting/hosting friends (at least once a month)
  44. Never stop having adventures
  45. Enter a photography competition
  46. Stay at Burgh Island Hotel
  47. Do a teaching course and teach Yoga
  48. Teach Yoga Abroad - Gloriously my new job is allowing me to teach yoga in Las Vegas :)
  49. Explore China. Esp. Shanghai and Macau (Yep, I just watched Skyfall, who cares, a good an inspiration as any!)

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