21 August 2014

I eat too much

Its true, I love eating but constantly feel guilty that I eat too much, and binge on junk. But hang on, whats that you say MindBodyGreen? 

"Don't beat yourself up if you've eaten too much recently. Now is the perfect opportunity to try again"

Excellent! check out their tips on mindful eating, maybe take away a little something that's useful


20 August 2014


Such a lovely day for me, and a wonderful positive step towards my first Yoga teaching goals.

I now have a regular class!
'Restore, Refresh, Renew' (working title!) Every Sunday at the Bath YMCA 11:15-12:15
I am so pleased to be practicing Abhyasa - steady effort in the direction you want to go

If you are ever in the area dear readers, its just £5 for an hour class in the YMCA's lovely spacious studio.

You are all most welcome!