30 August 2012

Goal 41.

At the beginning of the year I was very exciting about these 3 trips:


Which are now sadly, all over, but were all glorious. So now, in the true spirit of Goal 41. is time to plan more! My progress is pretty good!

November 2012: Stockholm
2013: Chicago + Las Vegas

Now, Stockholm has been booked so can officially get excited about it :) This adventure spark started last Monday when, bored at work I decided I wanted to plan something festive for Christmas (and after reading the Millennium trilogy, I am more than a little obsessed with Sweden!) and within a week I'd roped in my pal Mary-anne and booked it! yay for spontaneity!

We'll be flying from London Heathrows wizzy terminal 5, yes, I know its been around for quite some time but it will be my first visit! Me and Co-Adventurer Mary-Anne will be staying in this swoonsome little pad:

This was made possible by this cool site www.airbnb.com go check it out! It's essentially people renting out their spare rooms/flats/houses for travellers and much cheaper than staying in a hotel, and as you'll see there are some awesome places!


20 August 2012

1 Week Goal

I am lucky enough to be training alongside the Paralympians at the University's sports training village this week, the University of Bath is hosting these athletes for the Paralympics up to the 28th August.

So they're there in the gym looking awesome and professional in their team GB kit, and I'm on the treadmill wheezing away like an asthmatic tomato. However, In honour of this pretty cool event, my goal this week is to run/walk a marathon: that’s 42k.

Not all at once you understand! I am the world’s crappy-ist runner (see reference to tomato above). So this will be a culmination of my week’s workout, and will be quite an achievement. I shall log my progress below!

Sarah's Marathon
Monday: 5k in 40 minutes on the treadmill (I am one slowww tomato). Remaining: 37
Tuesday: 5.5k in 43 minutes treadmill Remaining 31.5
Wednesday: 2 k walking - day of rest! remaining 29.5
Thursday: Aim- 10k in 1 hr
Friday: Aim - 10k in 1 hr Remaining 9.5k
Saturday: Aim - 3k remaining 6.5
Sunday: Aim 6.5k in 45 minutes


6 August 2012


I am currently dancing around my office like Ms Baker here:

Its not quite THE good news I've been waiting on, but its definitely exciting news! I had a phone call today after last weeks interview to say I was very high on the list and also we went over more of the conservation work I would be doing: BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!! Projects this foundation currently deal with: Gorilla orphanage in the Congo, Turtle breeding in Mozambique, animal rescue projects in Thailand and Indonesia, and veterinary care of captive animal in UK zoos.

And I really liked this, my inteviewer said he admired my courage for potentially taking all this on: what a lovely thing to say!

I've been told to expect an email in the next 2 weeks aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


5 August 2012

No.5 Reboot

It's Sunday night and I am having a celebratory cup of Earl Grey as I have, in my humble opinion, completely surpassed my former efforts of goal no.5 to Make cushions!

I found this gorgeous material in one of my favourite fabric shops in Bath, it was clearly a case of fate; I wandered in with the vague intention of finding some fabric to cover my very boring Ikea cushions and this lovely floral fabric caught my eye.

I did the basic envelope method of making the covers so I can wash them if need be, 3 covers later and Voila! One very pleased me and 3 very smart new cushions!

Here's a close up of the fabric, with the overlapping seam:

 And here is one of my newly covered cushions on the sofa next to the uncovered Ikea cushion :)

Thus concludes this very quick crafty Sunday post!