19 September 2014

New September

Lets have a moment to reflect on my September 2013

Jane Austen Promenade
Tough Mudder
Cross-fit Throwdown
I signed up for my Yoga teacher training! In fact, exactly a year ago today I made my decision to do it

This is why I love blogging, I can see exactly what I was thinking/planning one year ago today, and now I can feel proud that I achieve my goal and am now a fully fledged teacher :D

And this September? Much less fitness based, but utterly glorious...
I've handed in my notice at work, been to a fabulous wedding, Goodwood Revival, and 5 days I'll be going here:


Goodwood Revival

Here's to Septembers, Autumn, looking back at all we've achieved, and looking forward to new adventures!


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