20 May 2014

A 'Stable' relationship

One of the best parts of my job in events is advising first-time visitors to Bath how best to enjoy the city. I love to share hidden gems, as such recommendation have often made my trips to foreign climes more memorable. I love to help make everyone's visit to Bath just that little bit more special.

With this in mind I always try to keep tab on new cafes and restaurants opening in town, so I can recommend some new trendy places as well as proven favourites.

So when those kind souls at Stable invited me for dinner (wasn't that nice?!) I was delighted! Bath has its fair share of great places to go for pizza and pies so the Stable would have to be pretty special to compete.

I brought D along for a second opinion and photography skills (and he does love a good pie).

Things didn't quite start as well as I'd hoped because we were late, doh! tried to fit in a crossfit session before hand. We scoped the place out on arrival, the decor is cosy and clean - and  is clearly already a popular venue; it filled up very quickly after we arrived.

We were met Mike the GM and he was friendly and knowledgeable - a great host for our evening.
(we've been to a couple of newly opened venues recently and the service has been very varied, its a welcome change to go to a place where the staff are clearly enthused and skilled in what they do)

Cider tasting rack - we went for 'dry to medium' 

We started with the cider tasting board and some garlic bread, D isn't as keen on cider as I am, but between the 5 we both found some we really liked - perfect!

Hawaiian pizza and lamb & rosemary pie - both generous, fresh and delicious

We picked a pie (Lamb + Rosemary) and a pizza (Hawaiian) for mains. My pie was fresh and lovely and I really enjoyed it with a fresh salad and pickles. D's pizza was fresh and delicious (I'm lactose intolerant so he cut some tasty crusts off for me to sample - he's sweet like that)

A warm and gooey brownie for dessert finished off the meal, which was deliciously warm and squishy.

I didn't manage to get a 'before' shot of the brownie dessert because we scoffed it so quick!

We had a really lovely evening at the Stable and there were plenty of other tables clearly also enjoying a good time. I have a good feeling that the Stable is going to do really well in Bath, and has been added to my list of (only slightly) hidden gems!

Table with a view. Lovely spot for people watching


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