5 September 2014


I have a new job! one I applied for on a whim after seeing it on CreativeBath, this autumn will see me leave my job at the university I've had for 3 years. It's bittersweet, I'm so ready for a change but will miss the energy of campus and the facilities I had ready access to. I feel like I am starting a new chapter of my life and that is super exciting.

I will have my lovely break in Mauritius before heading back to the UK to start my new job

Remember this post on finding your passion? and this tip about doing what you love?

They have been so useful in helping me consider my career options, as I still really have no idea what my 'dream job' would be, and I can think of a hundred that, should I be offered I would snap up and claim it my dream job: yoga teacher in Hawaii, cupcake decorator, hairdresser, researcher, vet, sculptor, radio DJ, party planner. 

There are loads of things I would love to do, but I have to pick something! and something I'm actually capable of doing seems a good bet. Organizing events is something I have done consistently since I started full time work 7 years ago, even though its never been my official job title. Well it is now! I am soon to be a Junior Events Producer and am keen to give this avenue of career option a really good go before either accepting it as my chosen career or maybe deciding to do something else.

My ultimate goal when I think on it, is not to 'Be a researcher' or 'Be a DJ' but to be happy, to enjoy the work I do and feel excitement and value in the work I am doing

So readers, here's to brave new steps into the unknown, and chasing our passions (even if we aren't sure what the are yet)!


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