31 January 2014


I am off to the Venetian Masked Ball at the Assembly rooms tomorrow! Its been far too long since I've put on a ball gown, and this is for a good cause, so all the better. I will take photos!


28 January 2014


Good afternoon dearest ones,

Well, how quickly things can change! I was, I admit a right Monday grumpus yesterday, the sky was falling. But I got my butt in gear and went for a run and to crossfit, helped a newbie get settled in (the box can be very intimating when you're new) and suddenly - oh yeah, I'm capable of plenty thankyouverymuch!

And today a lovely lady from the Holburn Museum Bath has asked for my help organise a science fair inspired by the age of enlightenment, how fun! and how nice that my name was mentioned - I must be getting quite the reputation for organising haphazard but heartfelt science fairs :P (or something like that....)


Monday Calling

After a pleasant night of cocktails on Saturday night I had a bit of a talking to from a colleague of mine - she said that I need to try harder to get out of my job that's drained all my energy and enthusiasm before I turn completely bitter. {note: telling people what they 'really need to do' in life, hate it}

I don't have huge enthusiasm for my job, so she is kinda right - but at the same time just made me feel utterly crap - probably more so now its Monday - I'm not working hard enough to get another job, I'm not working hard enough in my current job, I'm not fit enough, I'm not thin enough, I'm not learning enough about yoga, I don't have a CALLING. Jeez, I'm note quite good enough at anything right now and it makes me feel rubbish.

Now I have a bit of a pet peeve of people that complain about things but then aren't willing to change something to improve the situation, so I better not get too mopey about this whole thing.

So how do you do it? how do you find this mythical unicorn that is a fulfilling worthwhile career/Life?

Forbes offer an interesting list on How to find your calling
So things I can take from this right now?
  • “What is next today?” OK so I'll run, go to crossfit, learn a little more about yoga, and tidy the bathroom - that's not really career based at all....OK I will apply for a job today as well, one that intrigues me. Which  brings us to ...
  • Say yes to the things that intrigue you. I kinda feel like I do this quite a bit anyway, but a solid mantra all the same.
  • Change course if you find yourself coasting. Well suffice to say - I coast in my job alot, I am trying to change course. It just seems to be taking a long time....
Someone said to me recently you should make a list of all the things you've done in the last 6 months that you really enjoyed and then ask yourself why you're not doing more of these things.

My last 6 months, what I loved:
  • Travelling and seeing loads of cool wildlife in the Amazon
  • planning new adventures
  • Trail running+TM
  • Signing up for Yoga TT
So what do I like doing - challenging myself and learning new things. Right, no wonder I don't like my job! It really is time to jump ship!

Oh and finally...

So remembering to do the things that make me happy seems like a good idea too so thats; travel, reading, shows/films, friends, parties, not to be overlooked!


20 January 2014


I am very excited that I have a 7 day pass to the Bath Spa hotel spa+gym starting today.

But am already feeling panicky and guilty for not working more on my yoga studies at the weekend. I started essay 9 of 10 on friday but my practical workshop in March is not far off and I'll have to actually teach, actual people arrgh! and I have to sit an exam which is news to me! = panic, my memory of all the bones and muscle groups is not great, and then there's the poses and the specific muscles they work.

I always have this nagging feeling that I'm not doing enough, not learning enough, not working hard enough....its tough! anyways to resolve this problem at least for today - I've got a to do list to finish in the office, a yoga class to attend at lunch time, then I'll run 4 miles in the hotel gym (a treadmill, what luxurious novelty!), relax in the spa and then there is a lovely chillout space with tea and comfy chairs - I'm going to print off some yoga articles to study whilst I'm there. Phew I always feel better with a plan - even if its just for today :) *

*Is this a completely 'first world problems'? I should probably pull it together....

17 January 2014


So here we are, January 17th! Its Friday and whilst, as always there is much to do at work I am excited for the weekend.

17 days into 2014 and I have:
  • Tried out two classes at Baths' new Yoga studio
  • Been to a spa afternoon with Emma and then a spa members party both at my favourite: Bath Spa Hotel
  • Back to Crossfit
  • Ran 6 miles, with 8 planned for tomorrow
  • Bought Tickets for a Venetian Ball at the Assembly rooms
  • Been for tea and cake with lovely Eleni (who is currently unwell, feel better soon!)
  • Redesigned my CV and applied for 5 new jobs
  • Arranged a coffee date (will report back)

This time last year I lamented on the issues with time that I'm sure we all struggle with, not enough of it, or not enough doing the things we really want. Its a daily struggle for, it really is, to make the most of my days when all I often feel like doing is crawling under a duvet and never resurfacing.

But trying is a good start yes?


15 January 2014


Darlings a quick but fabulous update to Goal 51. Enter of photography competition

I have just been shortlisted! I can't believe it, and am so excited! My photo will feature in the April edition of National Geographic Traveller Magazine. How amazing that a little goal could potentially end up with me going here (thats the grand prize :))

Here's to goals, and the wonderful places they can take you!


12 January 2014

Single Sunday

Good morning chaps + chapettes, 

I'm sat in my comfy chair in my PJ's with a nice cup of coffee after a nice long sunday lie in, perfectly content in my own company but looking forward to a coffee with a pal at 4pm. Anways I came across this very interesting article on being alone that might ring some small bells of familiarity with us singletons.

Some interesting old arguments seem to arise whenever this topic comes up, and certainly arise in the article:

Its sad - Interesting one this, thing is, lots of situations are sad; a person living alone may be sad and lonely, but they also might be perfectly happy with their social life and lovely home. Or it can often be a mix of the two - sometimes I do feel a little lonely on my own but the thing is, in todays modern society - within 30 seconds of experiencing this I can be on my way for coffee or on the phone with someone who cares about me. I could also list a multitude of other 'sad' scenarios that have nothing to do with being alone: A wife stuck in the house because her bully partner doesn't like her seeing her friends, a mother with 3 screaming kids and no help, living in a house with housemates who don't like you and exclude you. Life is full of ups and downs and we may sometimes find ourselves in situations we find less than ideal - all one can really do is find the best option available to ones self to get out of that situation, and I might propose that luckily for us: being alone is one of the easiest to alter should we so wish - if I want to go travelling tomorrow, or see my friends, or visit my family, or sleep, or study, or stay exactly as I am, I can do all of these things in a heartbeat. 
Verdict: less sad than many other situations I can think of, and easily remedied if so desired.

"Solitude is unnaturalHomo sapiens is genetically and evolutionarily a herd or pack animal."
Oh they love to cart this one out! evolutionarily we used to hunt our prey, eat only fresh food and die at 30, and lived in groups to offer greater protection from dangerous beasts. We've moved on, this argument is just no longer relevant. 
Verdict: Irrelevant

You're selfish
This one is perhaps the hardest to understand. Similarly to 'it's sad' I can think of many more selfish actions which are far more severe: murder for example, theft, fraud, bullying, lying, cruelty. Not a single person is suffering because I want to live alone, hence I would venture that this one is straight up wrong.
Verdict: Incorrect

Overall verdict: Jeez, what's the fuss man, its not like i'm killing puppies here. Just enjoying my own company.

Happy Sunday all, whoever you're spending it with!