20 June 2014

Getting what you want

10 ways to get what you want Some wise words from Mindbodygreen.com, to think on this sunny Friday.

  1. Be YOU. There's only one YOU on this planet. Take advantage of that. You're inspiring, creative, intelligent and capable. Cultivate who you are by working on yourself, It’s a process. Allow yourself to room to breathe, grow and change. Never stop growing.
  2. Trust your instincts. Don’t worry about gain; just follow your intuition.
  3. Be nice to people.. You’ll feel more connected to yourself and your passion when you start to extend your generosity toward people who can’t offer you anything other than a smile in return.
  4. Work hard.
  5. Do what you love. When you're doing something you love — no matter what you’d be getting paid or what you think the outcome might be — not only will you enjoy yourself more, but you'll have a better chance of actually creating a sustainable life. It’s ok to have a job that pays the bills and do what you love as a hobby. Putting pressure on your passion to put a roof over your head can snuff the flame out of your inner fire. Spend your time doing what interests you and your interests may just turn into a business, but don’t worry if the business is small or big. Have fun doing what you love. 
  6. Stop complaining. If you don’t like how something is, change it. We can’t change everything, but we can do quite a bit about our circumstances when we drop the complaints.
  7. Take care of yourself.
  8. Don't listen to your critics. No need to get wrapped up in what others think of you. Focus on your intention and do the work. 
  9. Be patient. Allow space for things to turn out different than your plan.
  10. Have fun. If you’re not having fun, then what’s the point? 


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  1. Hello Sarah,

    I watched Chef last Sunday and I loved it exactly because it summarizes and visualizes the above wisdom! ;)