2 June 2014

2014 Halfway point

Its June?! we're almost at the halfway point on 2014 and into month 6 of the year?! getouttahere......

2014 has been pretty good to me so far, I've had trouble keeping up with Crossfit and running and have been beating myself up a bit for not keeping up with my training. But, I have also achieved some amazing things and 2014 has held some awesome unpredicted bonuses.

Here's a little bi-year report on what I've achieved so far 2014
  • Ran a half Marathon
  • Signed up for Race for life
  • Passed my Hatha Yoga Teacher training with a merit
  • Been on holiday to Rome
  • Been on holiday to Cornwall
  • Boston is booked for August - must start planning...
  • laid plans for holidays to Iceland + Cambodia
  • Hosted a spring tea party
  • climbed high things in the Brecon beacons

I'm really looking forward to a long and lovely summer of walking, exploring new places, and hopefully a little beach time and hoping to achieve a new job and some yoga teaching.


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