3 May 2013

Night at the Museum

Since joining the WI (in 2011??! I know I'm always harping on a time flying but wow!) I had a chance to see and do some great things: a tour of Marilyn Monroe dresses, learning how to give a shoulder massage, make a handbag, bread and canapes. I really do think its a lovely group: and our committee organise some great events.

Our most recent was a behind the scenes visit to No.1 Royal Crescent museum that has been expanded and renovated and is due to open in June. I really enjoyed seeing the work in progress: there were portraits resting on floors ready to be hung and beautiful carpets based on original designs waiting to be laid, grand four poster beds waiting to be dressed...really fascinating!

A lot of the museum is all ready to go I, as always really liked the rooms about domestic intricacies like laying the table and the cooking.

I took a few snaps of some tableware here: pineapples were very expensive and a symbol of great wealth as well as a symble of hospitality. A new fact I learnt was that they were often hired because they were so expensive and renting two would cost 12 pounds! and that's in regency currency: so whats the equivalent now, hundreds?

Here's another little thing: a dish and box for holding beauty spots: often stuck on the face to disguise smallpox scars, and sometime to send coded messages :P near the corners or the under lip they meant coquette – one who flirts.  A beauty spot on the corner of the eye indicated passion while one near one if the eyes meant irresistible. Other beauty spot meanings included, on the throat – gallantry; on the nose signified boldness or shamelessness; on the forehead – grandeur. The little box would have been a gift: it says "how sweet's a love that meets return"

This little quote above the fireplace was nice: and especially appropriate as my 'mortgage fund' bond just matured and I have been very good and put it straight back in a new bond along with the interest I earnt: (£176 not too shabby!) with some extra savings that makes me feel more optimistic that in the next few years I might be able to buy a little place of my own.


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