29 April 2013

Adventure (Goal 50)

I need an adventure! I don't know if its that my big 3-0 is looming or that its been ages since I have gone on a full blown adventure: I suppose Seattle was my last completely impromptu travel whim -(with some little European ones scattered in between) I wanted something a bit more meaty to settle my itchy feet.

Well, thank god I have the wonderful friends I do: Mary-Anne and I are currently planning a full blown adventure for our 2014 New Year. She fancies South America, I fancy Vietnam, we are both excited! I've no doubt either will be a fine mix of culture, beauty and fine foods.

And, I also have something in the pipeline that may include Sri Lanka. Phew, that helps, I get very panicky sometimes that I'm missing chances, while I'm young, to see and enjoy the world.

There's an old song that I often think of when I'm dreaming of adventure:

"The years go by, as quickly as a wink
Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think"


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