7 May 2013

31. Bath Life Magazine

Its round 3! Me and lovely Sarah Clough now have a running competition of how many times we can get into Bath Life: we are now at 3-all.

There was April and November 2012 and our first of 2013 has been achieved! I'm also delighted that we got Sarah's beau Johnny in the pic too: Sarah and Johnny are a wonderful couple and I very much enjoy each and every outing with them!

Here we are at  'Bath in Fashion' event: we supped champers and looked at some gorgeous Norman Parkinson photos in a lovely exhibition in the Octagon: A lovely, if slightly run down venue in Bath.
Parkinson took quite a few fashion shots in Bath: I had no idea!

I think this might be the Paragon area, but I'd like to find out the exact place

That shop on the right is now the Thermae Spa, and the columns are still there leading up Stall street

I still get a little thrill every time I see myself in Bath Life, for lots of reasons: because I love the magazine, and the city, because it gives me a fun memento of lovely nights out, and because I spent a very long time being very uncool and unpopular growing up: I feel a lil' bit delighted for being considered something akin to a socialite every time I get into these hallowed pages!

Silly, but who cares, it makes me smile!

If my 12 year old self could see what the future would hold: I think she'd be very excited - and thats a nice feeling.

Happy Socialising All!


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