24 May 2013

Jumping for Joy

Just a quick crossfit update Darlings, mainly because I am very excited about tonight WOD (that's 'Workout Of the Day') and I guess that sums up really nicely whats fun about crossfit -we've got no idea what we'll be doing each day until its posted up -but we know it will be different and challenging in new ways each time.

And tonight's one is nice because a) I love box jumps (just like it sounds, its jumping up onto boxes) because, well, jumping around is fun! and I enjoy AMRAPs (as many reps as possible) because I can challenge myself in how many I can do, and I love power snatches and push ups!

So there it is, I'm bonkers about exercise now! :P

WOD 24-5-13

1) Establish a Max Height Box Jump

2) 7 min AMRAP:
3 Power Snatch (40kg)
3 Hand Release Press Ups
6 Power Snatch
6 Hand Release Press Ups
9 Power Snatch
9 Hand Release Press Ups
….. so on increasing each set by 3 reps each exercise


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