21 May 2013

Half Measures Update

Training is going almost alarmingly well! I surely am fitter than ever before, Crossfit is definitely the major contributor in this transformation but the motivation of Tough Mudder and not wanting to let down my team mates is certainly a big factor too.

This was my general plan for the next few months - but I'm actually storming ahead! Last weekend I managed a total of 7 miles of the 9 mile Dundas run - in 2 hours. So I'm aiming to get to 10 miles by June. Which will give me more time to practice an 'obstacle' at each mile in July+August

Run 5 miles 
June + July
8 miles

9 mile round trip to Dundas 
First Week: 11 miles
2nd Week: 11 miles again
3rd Week Tough Mudder!!


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