20 May 2013

Paleo Catch-up

I've done a little food photography with a couple of paleo recipes I'm fond of

Smoothie: 1 can of peaches tinned in juice, 8 dates, 2 handfuls of red grapes, 1 banana = Blended together
This one was really yummy - I marinated the prawns in the juice of 1 red grapefruit, a teaspoon of olive oil, 2 crushed garlic cloves and a pinch of chilli flakes. Then I fried up some thinly sliced parsnips and runner beans in a little oil and a generous sprinkle of cajun spice mix then added the prawns along with all the marinading juice for about 10 minutes of cooking together.

You could use any old veg to hand - I just happened to have Parsnips+Beans in the freezer, they were pretty squishy once they defrosted but they cooked up ok. I think this would work nice with chicken as well. 
OOooh I do love tomato soup! and this one is blissfully easy - heat up a tin of  tomatoes and cut up two cooked sweet potatoes and stir in, add a cup or 2 of water, lots a seasoning, I like garlic salt and mustard powder - whizz in a blender and bam! super easy super tasty

I'm also planning, come pay day, to buy this lovely looking book, because my last paleo dinner I cooked for my friends went down a storm - and I do love to have friends gather around my dining table :) AND it include a 'tea party' section -how could I not be enchanted!


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