3 June 2013

My day so far in bullet points

  • I bought a 2nd hand Ipod Touch online so I can track my running -it arrived today and I am now playing with it instead of doing any work ;) I've just downloaded Nike + and the tag line is 'Get more from your run than you ever thought possible' well good, that's just what I want!
  • I feel grateful to have a job I have this kind of freedom to dos about should I wish - yes I know that's not very up and coming or driven of me - but today I appreciate it :)
  • Its gloriously sunny in Bath today and I felt very jovial walking to the bus stop in the warm sunshine
  • Amongst our brainstormings for an adventure -me and Mary-annes' latest fancy is - The Amazon! OK it was her idea -but I fully support it. A cruise down the Amazon for 9 days on the Queen Violet Amazon riverboat.

  • I am now on my 5th of 6 essays for my 'veterinary care' course and on track for a Merit: its been tough keeping up with everything but I'm both glad I did it and glad its nearly over!
  • The Annual RSPCA meeting is tonight which will see me be voted in as an official trustee :)
  • After extreme faffing about and not knowing how to organise everyone for my birthday in October I have settled for a private dining room in the lovely Hall+Woodhouse in Bath - with a Vegas costume theme :) I'm also hoping to get to Vegas next year with Emma - my first and original Vegas buddy!
  • My ongoing search for a yoga retreat has found me enthralled with this Indian castle retreat in Rajasthan


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