16 June 2013

My 30th..

Well my darlings I'm not going to Las Vegas for my Birthday (As per goal 29.), but I couldn't care less, because instead, by way of converged plans and a discount offer for October trips: I'm going on a river cruise down the Amazon and then a few days in Miami.

We'll be flying to Lima, Peru. spending a day there (I'm tempted by a trip to see the nazca lines from here) then we fly to Iquitos to board the Queen Violet riverboat and experience the Amazon in style. With any luck we’ll spot sloths, toucans and pink dolphins! we'll visit the Pacaya–Samiria National Reserve, and see the jungle up close. I can hardly contain myself when I think about it, the animals - there are more species here than anywhere else in the world, the history, so amazing, I know whatever happens its going to be a trip to remember!

Then as our flight transfers via Miami on the journey home, well it would be rude to to explore some Art deco wonders and the Miami Keys! and its here I will see in my 30th Birthday, and I could not be more excited!!

We'll travel down the Florida keys to see Key West, go on a tour of the Art Deco sights and for my actual birthday: cocktails at The Raleigh, one of the finest Art Deco hotels to be found anywhere in the world.


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