24 June 2013

Moon at Midnight

Its 23:42 now, at 23:05 I was sat in my living room, with the need to stay up until midnight because I had to pay for a running gillet on Ebay - and I don't get paid until midnight :P

But on browsing blogs to kill time I was reminded of the 'Supermoon' currently in our skies. So I threw on some boots and a hat (I was also waiting for my hair to dry - it looks ludicrous) and headed out onto Great Pulteney street with my new camera to see what I could see. The streets were deserted and I found the moon hovering over the Rec and then on my way back it had just cleared the trees by the Holburne Museum.

Of course you get absolutely no sense of scale in these pics, but it was big and it was fun. Oh and some aren't even of the moon but just of Bath being lovely in the witching hours.

Good Night Moon XXX

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