19 April 2013

Half Measures...

Oh yeah, I signed up to run a half marathon even tho my current greatest achievement is running 2 miles....damn! and not just any half marathon mind you Tough Mudder is 12 miles of obstacle course challenges, mud, sweat and (most likely) tears.

The run is September 21st this year - I say run rather than race as the event is very specifically about being in a team and working as one to complete the course, no one is timed, if you get over the finish line; you've won and that sounds like a great attitude to me!

So here we are, 5 and a bit months to go and I feel I better start training! I'm using crossfit as the obstacle practise as much of what I do there will help with the obstacles: swinging from bars, clambering on the floor etc but the running is what really scares me. I've not put together a spreadsheet of training as the more efficient among us may do. But I have a general schedule in mind, which is to basically work towards an extra mile or so each month. (from the advice I have had its best to not run the full 12/13 miles in practise but close to it, so I'm going for 10):

By the end of month to be able to run 3 miles without stopping (this is the route down the canal from Sydney gardens to the George pub and back again)
*UPDATE* I manage 2 x 4 mile runs in April which makes me feel a whole lot more confident for May
Run 5 miles (its 4.5 from Sydney Gardens to Dundas aqueduct but then I'd have to walk back...ugh!)
*UPDATE* In Mays first weekend I have successfully run to the Aqueduct, I then walked back to the George and ran the last mile = 5.5miles! - this did take a total of 3 hrs but I'm really pleased that I managed to get all the way to Dundas in one go.

Also this has really flagged up that I need a way of measuring the distance I'm running: I think a new Ipod Nano is a good idea as it have the Nike+ running app as well all my all important tunes. It seems a decent running 'watch' costs £80+ so I think a new ipod would make more sense for similar money, and amazingly my current Ipod is 7 years old! it will be nice to treat myself to a wizzy new one.

June + July
8 miles (Run to Dundas and back past the George Pub - walking the final bit back to my house)
9 mile round trip to Dundas (eeeps)
First Week: 11 miles
2nd Week: 11 miles again
3rd Week Tough Mudder!!


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