22 April 2013


Sometimes it scares me a bit how fast life is moving. Its been year since I said What if a year from now...

Well lets see:
  • I 'broke' out of an awful poorly chosen relationship
  • I'm still working at the University, but have been promoted to Events and Marketing coordinator, running events like this and am a trustee of the Bath Cats and Dogs Home.
  • Crossfit has made me trimmer, more toned and generally more kick-ass
  • I am in training for the Tough Mudder half marathon: and have achieved 4 miles of non-stop running (no-where near TM ready but a huge leap forward in my personal abilities)
  • I have been on many an adventure with my wonderful friends from Bath and Portsmouth, and have several more planned.
I still continue to strive for bigger and better things: more amazing jobs, to be fitter and stronger, and have more adventures. But I certainly cannot complain, progress has been made, I admit not quite as much as I could have hoped, but I continue to potter in the right direction!


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