16 April 2013


I just wanted to make a small post in tribute to Boston in the wake of the two bombs that went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday.

The news affected me more so than news reports of bomb blasts usually do. Maybe because it feels so close to home: as I've mentioned before I have lived in Boston twice in my life and visit almost every year. One of the bombs went off in front of a sweet shop called Sugar Heaven – I was in this shop last summer buying M+M's for Eleni , and they gave me some free blue candy floss, and opposite is the public library, I've sat in their lovely courtyard countless times drinking pink lemonade in the summer.

Boston is hands down the most wonderful city I have ever been to, it bubbles with joy and sunshine.

Marathons as events always seem to make me a bit emotional: they represent all the best things about being human: dedication, joy, supporting each other, and it ended up being about all the worst things humans are capable of.

It made me sad. So Boston, my favourite place in all the world, I'm thinking of you, and all Bostonians.


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