14 January 2013


I currently do a few things that I thought classed me as reasonably fit: I walk the 2k Bathwick hill every day to work, I do zumba twice a week, and usually do a Kettlebells or body conditioning class too. I had my first CrossFit training session on Tuesday...I was wrong! now (Wednesday + Thursday) my body aches like it never has before. Among the teaching of technique we had a 'workout' to follow

1) 400m run
2 ) 21-15-9 reps (that's 21 of all, the 15 of all then 9 of all)
push ups
Ring pull ups
3) 400m run

I did it in 12 minutes, someone else did it in 7!

I couldn't feel my arms when we had finished and they are VERY painful now.

But despite all this I feel happy, I'm really challenging myself - so inevitably this wasn't going to be easy! but I am delighted to have the support of my friends - Johnny: who is doing the class too and says 'come on Miss Robinson' when I'm exhausted, Sarah: who bought me a tub of muscle recovery powder that I'm sure has already helped, Ryan: who walks home from work with me slowly because I can't move very fast. Schmaltzy it may be, but I couldn't do it without them. I'm looking forward to being fit!


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