21 January 2013

Feasting and Hibernating

Its cold in Bath, and the snow is thick! I find this weather always makes me want to eat lots, and snuggle up inside. So I cooked myself up a paleo feast tonight.

Sausages with sweet potato cakes
I grated up a sweet potato and mixed with chopped onion, an egg and seasoning, baked for 30/40 mins along with the sausages and served up with home-made paleo mayo:

And for dessert: banana pancakes, so easy: banana mashed up with cinnamon, whisked up with 2 eggs and fried like regular pancakes: I had mine with honey and lemon juice.

 Ok, so I'm not going to win any awards for food presentation! but this is a pretty good representation of my weekend: Snow and Food! Stay warm all.


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