6 May 2014

'Done is Beautiful'

Here's a interesting  thought on goals: a quote I've seen in a couple of places now (its obviously some sort of 'thing' I wasn't aware of!)

'Done is beautiful'

It is nice to complete a task or goal -it is satisfying to be able to tick something off the list or enjoy the rewards of a job well done.

But also, there are lots of 'dones' that aren't so lovely, as it pretty much signifies the end of something. I certainly would hate to be 'done' with any of my favourite people and family, and so many goals that have no end point (travelling, learning, growing)

So its a cute soundbite for achieving goals but I'm not sure its a fantastic one to apply to all things (maybe you disagree? is every 'done' a chance to start again?)

Ponder it, feed back!


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