3 April 2014

30 Goals

I always love to read the goals of others, its nice to see other people who like to make goals and lists, I instantly feel a spark of affinity with them, and of course I am often inspired to make new goals from the ones I find!

The lovely blog 'Her Library Adventures' came up with 30 fun goals for 2014 which are all lovely, I love to see goals like this that really give you an insight into a persons' passions, and these are much more fun and achievable than many I've read. My notes are in purple

1. Connect with the seasons - An excellent one, often overlooked in busy city living, and a surefire way to feel happier
2. Read The Odyssey
3. Bake a weekly loaf of bread - I don't do it weekly but I do love making (and eating) fresh bread :)
4. Continue my ethical fashion journey
5. Make Nan's chutney recipe  - I used a recipe online, but I am still enjoying the chutney I made from apples from my childhood home
6. Grow, harvest and blend my own tea - wow! admirable! I wish I had the climate for this!
7. Practise yoga and meditation regularly - ditto
8. Create a scrapbook of Tallow's first year
9. Work on our caravan makeover
10. Take Tallow camping
11. Experiment with a new craft - I might nab this one, an excellent and simple goal
12. Write MORE letters
13. Make Tallow some toys
14. Simplify our home - Great idea! I really need to do this, the clutter in my home stresses me
15. Get a new piece of ink
16. Have a stall at the local markets
17. Continue to grow our own fruit and veggies
18. Visit somewhere I've never been - an excellent goal for every year
19. Practise embroidery stitches
20. Play with water colours
21. Journal everyday - to be more conscious of each day that passes, and try to achieve things each and every day - yep that would be a great reason to have a journal. I might try this.
22. Reinvent date night - I don't think I could make my date nights any better, they are perfect :) and I am lucky
23. Embrace handmade holidays (especially Christmas)
24. Make do and mend
25. Crochet a blanket
26. Learn to play the ukulele
27. Organise the office cupboard - my desk, boy do I need to tidy my desk.... I will do this today! #quickwin
28. Go surfing - I'll go swimming in the sea, which I love
29. Go to bed early - I really should
30. Live simply and love greatly - another lovely goal, from a lovely, very personal goal list

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