29 April 2014

Weekly goals

Its good to have life goals (as is the whole point of this blog, so I'll state that one first!) but its also great to have short term goals to tick off the list as well. I've been battling some kind of cold/run down-edness atm so am feeling pretty weary this week, but managed to make it to yoga yesterday so at least got my week off to a good start. So whilst I sip my tea and move slowly about my desk, here are my goals for this week:

28th April - May 5th
  • Yoga, crossfit, running or walking, one or more of these every day, no excuses!
  • Revise/study an element of Yoga every day this week (I have a practical training class is this Friday- I'm almost a certified teacher!)
  • Tidy my kitchen and bedroom - I feel the need to declutter! (and there's a clothes swap coming up :))
  • Make delicious dinner for my favourite boy, I've got a vague Italian theme in mind - this or this maybe and this
  • See this film
  • HYDRATE: 3 ltrs a day is my goal
  • Apply for a job that interests me
  • Send my details to the new Gainsborough Hotel in Bath, suggesting I teach yoga classes for them
These are little things, but in doing them I will be closer to some of my larger fitness, life and career goals :) (with some that are purely for fun, one must always factor in joy!)

Progress (in black once I've done them):
Monday - Yoga + 2 hr yoga study
Tuesday - Crossfit + 1 hr yoga study Oh dear, how very classic i set the goal and then fail the same day! no xfit today - still feeling ropey. did revise for yoga tho
Wedneday - 3 mile run + 1 hr yoga study - *sigh* yup and again, did the study, didn't do the run
Thursday - Yoga + 1 hr yoga study: At home, excellent, thats better!
Friday - Yoga (all day :)) as part of my yoga teacher training, a tiring but lovely day
Saturday - Hike + Yoga. Hike yes, tiring but glorious, yoga...no
Sunday - Yoga. nope
Monday - Yoga + 3 mile run. nope! had a nice leisurely 3 mile walk tho

There we go, 4.5 out of 8, thats err not awful! but not great. I really need to work on fitting everything in with careful scheduling


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