21 April 2014

Yoga list

It's fun to work your way through a list, especially when it brings you to do things you might not normally consider.

I'm always on about going on a yoga retreat, which I'm sure I will get to one day, but something I also enjoy is visiting a yoga class wherever I am in the world, I've practised in Miami, Boston, Chicago and London and enjoy adding to the list whenever possible.

So this leads me to 'the worlds best yoga studios' Take a peek, with new studios popping up all the time, I wonder how quickly these list go out of date, this one is from 2013: but I would like to tick off some of these. There is an ever changing list of beautiful studios, there is certainly no shortage of inspiring places to practise.

Top Ten from 'seek retreat'

  1. Elements, Bangkok
  2. AYRI, Mysore, India
  3. Hamsa, Copenhagen
  4. TriYoga, London
  5. Yoga Tree, San Francisco
  6. Yoga works, LA
  7. Yoga Studio Milano, Milan
  8. Rasa, Paris
  9. BeYoga, Tokyo
  10. Vira Yoga, New york


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