26 March 2014

Wednesday Fluff Piece

Its been a while since I've blogged darlings! I've been so busy!

So I'm taking 10 minutes out of my Wednesday morning to do a nice list of what I have done in March
  • Ran my first Half marathon: I was slow but I did it, that's the important bit!
  • Walked around the hills of Box in the sunshine, absolute bliss
  • Hiked (it counts as hiking once rucksacks and poles are involved, so I'm told!) around Brecon Beacons, on another sunny spring day
  • Applied for a job working 3 days a week so that I can pursue teaching yoga AND had an informal chat with my would-be manager, and, as far as office jobs go, its sounds great!
  • Applied for a job akin to what, as an MSc in animal behaviour graduate I might describe as a dream job working on a canine research project
  • Attended a black tie dinner
  • Attended a literary cocktail party at the Roman Baths
  • 2 nights drinking in Opium
  • Finished and submitted my final yoga essay
  • Booked my practical yoga training day for May
  • Successfully executed the delivery of 3 days of science fairs without dieing - Win!
  • lots of crossfit, lots of yoga
  • Met lovely Eleni for tea and cake in Porter which we have concluded, after several visits is gorgeous to behold but staffed by zombies, and lovely Emma for coffee
And still to go
  • 2 dinners out
  • 1 Opium visit
  • Weekend in Portsmouth shopping and drinking with some treasured old friends

    Spring is shaping up nicely indeed!


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