2 September 2013

A New Goal


I'm fresh off the plane from Chicago and had a glorious time exploring a new city (photos to follow), and trying out a few stateside yoga classes with Core Power Yoga and Trump hotels' Sunrise Yoga, and fresh from the feeling of opportunity and reinvention that holidays can bring on, I present you with a new goal:

53. Do a teacher training course via the Yoga alliance and teach Yoga

I've often pondered the possibility of packing in the office job and teaching yoga, and whilst I still would like to focus on getting a Job working with animals - I think that in the future I would like to train so that I could teach yoga part/ or full time. Courses are usually a 200hr programme and cost around £2,000

Its also one of those jobs like hairdressing and nursing that is universal and in theory I could go anywhere to teach yoga -tho of course USA would be where I would most like to go to teach!

So there is today's new goal, and I feel confident that whilst it may not be right for me right now - it will be a great challenge I can take on one day.


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