19 September 2013


I had a New goal of teaching yoga and intended it for the sometime future, but after researching my yoga training options I've learnt some interesting things. Turns out there is no one official training system that qualifies you to teach yoga - but a variety of training options to prepare you for the challenge. The yoga alliance 200hr training sessions are very comprehensive with lots of hands on experience, but cost £3000, and turns out the British School of Yoga offer a yoga teacher certification, with which you can teach for £300/400 - which changes things a bit.

As soon as I found this out a plan hatched itself in my mind - get my teaching certification and start teaching short yoga sessions at the crossfit box, at first for free, for the experience, and then if I can afford it perhaps a residential course or yoga retreat.

This is not a change of career as such but a new branch of my life, and I'm excited! I've decided to give myself a month to sign up and get studying!


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