12 August 2013


This little video is interesting: '30 is NOT the new 20' - I can't say I've ever said or thought this anyway. I am under no illusions that my 30's will be very different in my goals and life than my 20's but I do appreciate that many things people used to do in their 20's: buy their first home, get married, have babies is often happening in the 30 years now.

But the points here being made are not to waste your 20's, and the importnace of these three things:

1) Get identity capital - add something to who you are, make your work count
2) Urban tribe is overrated - expand your circle, use your ties
3) Start picking your family - As in, intentional picking your mate - who and what you want

I'm not sure how much a agree with, but take a look if you have 10 minutes to spare, its interesting viewing.


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