25 September 2013

Woop! I mean, Om......

I'm going to be a yoga teacher! -I signed up today (cos its payday) to my yoga teacher training course.

I actually did the maths yesterday - I have been practising yoga for 23 years!! and I admit I'm somewhat ashamed thats its taken me this long to really start learning about it properly, and that after 23 years I still don't know all the sanskrit names for the asanas, or indeed anything about Patanjali and the Yoga sutras. I could have been an expert long ago....but it just never occurred to me that I was capable, so I suppose it just wasn't the right time for me. Now, it is!

There are a few options I have in mind for  teaching yoga in Bath. It may well be I will maybe teach just 1 or 2 sessions a week, but a yoga teacher I will be!

And so the journey begins...... :) I'm excited and happy - I love a new goal, and a new challenge!


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