6 August 2012


I am currently dancing around my office like Ms Baker here:

Its not quite THE good news I've been waiting on, but its definitely exciting news! I had a phone call today after last weeks interview to say I was very high on the list and also we went over more of the conservation work I would be doing: BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!! Projects this foundation currently deal with: Gorilla orphanage in the Congo, Turtle breeding in Mozambique, animal rescue projects in Thailand and Indonesia, and veterinary care of captive animal in UK zoos.

And I really liked this, my inteviewer said he admired my courage for potentially taking all this on: what a lovely thing to say!

I've been told to expect an email in the next 2 weeks aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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  1. Holy CRAP this is so exciting! Bribe him with cake, you simply MUST get this job! There is a definite possibility that we could go for a cruise on the Nile and call it "work."