30 August 2012

Goal 41.

At the beginning of the year I was very exciting about these 3 trips:


Which are now sadly, all over, but were all glorious. So now, in the true spirit of Goal 41. is time to plan more! My progress is pretty good!

November 2012: Stockholm
2013: Chicago + Las Vegas

Now, Stockholm has been booked so can officially get excited about it :) This adventure spark started last Monday when, bored at work I decided I wanted to plan something festive for Christmas (and after reading the Millennium trilogy, I am more than a little obsessed with Sweden!) and within a week I'd roped in my pal Mary-anne and booked it! yay for spontaneity!

We'll be flying from London Heathrows wizzy terminal 5, yes, I know its been around for quite some time but it will be my first visit! Me and Co-Adventurer Mary-Anne will be staying in this swoonsome little pad:

This was made possible by this cool site www.airbnb.com go check it out! It's essentially people renting out their spare rooms/flats/houses for travellers and much cheaper than staying in a hotel, and as you'll see there are some awesome places!


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