20 August 2012

1 Week Goal

I am lucky enough to be training alongside the Paralympians at the University's sports training village this week, the University of Bath is hosting these athletes for the Paralympics up to the 28th August.

So they're there in the gym looking awesome and professional in their team GB kit, and I'm on the treadmill wheezing away like an asthmatic tomato. However, In honour of this pretty cool event, my goal this week is to run/walk a marathon: that’s 42k.

Not all at once you understand! I am the world’s crappy-ist runner (see reference to tomato above). So this will be a culmination of my week’s workout, and will be quite an achievement. I shall log my progress below!

Sarah's Marathon
Monday: 5k in 40 minutes on the treadmill (I am one slowww tomato). Remaining: 37
Tuesday: 5.5k in 43 minutes treadmill Remaining 31.5
Wednesday: 2 k walking - day of rest! remaining 29.5
Thursday: Aim- 10k in 1 hr
Friday: Aim - 10k in 1 hr Remaining 9.5k
Saturday: Aim - 3k remaining 6.5
Sunday: Aim 6.5k in 45 minutes


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