14 March 2012

Fabulous 15!

15 Followers! I am delighted :) Welcome, I hope you enjoy the whimsical plans and vintage pictures!
I hope you are inspired to make a list of your own!

I was watching, whisper it  *Coach trip* a few weeks ago and one of the tourists asked another 'what are your aspirations?' and she said quite frankly 'I don't have any' this blew my mind, it really did. I don't know if its good or bad thing to just live each day as it comes, but I cannot imagine a world without aspirations, even modest ones like I'd like to visit Edinburgh or I'd like to try making chutney, everyone has hopes and dreams surely?!

How about you, my new fabulous 15: what are your aspirations? one for me is to have 50 blog followers like lovely Eleni,  just 35 to go!


  1. Congratulations!

    I am an expert on Small Dreams. I've never dreamed big, but I constantly have a little list of small achievements in the back of my mind :)

  2. Hi! i just became your 16th follower! I found your blog through Eleni's and was lured by the vintage pictures! Aspirations are what keeps me running, otherwise I would be bored to death!

  3. Welcome welcome! It was Eleni that inspired me to launch into the lovely world of blogging, so im delighted you found me through her! Delighted to have you xx