22 March 2012

Do a ceramics course

I removed this goal from the list before I decided it would be nice to keep all the goals on the list and just shade them out when I'd done them. So I can't remember what number it was! Any way I have have now come to the end of my 10 week ceramics course at Bath College, and how delightful it was! It was great to revisit the love of ceramics I had at college and learn some new things in techniques and glazing.

The course itself was excellent, our group of 10 split into two distinct group in the first few weeks, some people who had been before and were carrying on with independent work and newbies and refreshers who started off with some guided sessions with our teacher on types of clay, building and glazing techniques. Then by about week 4 we were ready to specialise on our own projects. So behold, piccys of some of my pots, all, I feel with an edge of art deco about them!

 Here's my 'key bowl' that is in fact, too small for my vast amount of keys!

And my funny little bird I made on the first week...

I particularly like this photo as it has glimpses of all the things I love about my little flat: my lovely vintage green and gold china plates, my teasmade (50 years old, courtesy of my lovely nan) and my lovely picture frames :)



  1. Hooray! Delighted to see the fruits of your efforts :) Which is your favourite?

  2. I like the pot with the ornage glaze, I put the glaze on too thick and it dribbled down the pot in the kiln, I think it looks better like that ;) x