13 March 2012

22. Get my picture in the Bath Life Society Pages

I'm feeling positive I might manage this one at the end of the month, Bath in Fashion is on its way and along with it a blur of fabulous events.
Me and the ladies will be attending a fashion show in the Assembly rooms, I feel sure, that given a suitably odd 'fashion forward' outfit (to me this essentially equates to dressing up, which I do very well!) we could get our snap taken for Bath Life!

To give you an idea of what on earth I'm talking about here, here are some piccies of the magazine in question, which I love reading, and the 'Invitation Only' pages (doesn't that title just ooze exclusivity?! I want in on this little club!)

Fingers crossed!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Sarah:
    Whilst we wish you every good fortune in being whisked onto the Society pages of this stylish periodical, a word of caution. Be careful what you wish for....one can end up on the pages of a magazine with a less than favourable headline attached!!!!Our fingers and TOES are crossed!!!!